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Woman sexual techniques: how to control the penis4

* The circumference of less than 5.18 inches (about 13.2 centimeters):
If you feel the partner’s vagina is not tight enough, the following method may be able to help you: to let her adopt the posture of your knees close together, so that the vagina as far as possible to lengthen rather than expansion. Let her lying in bed, his legs curl at the location of the chest – this could make her lips close together, thereby increasing the degree of friction and pleasure.best natural male enhancement pills
* The length is equal to or less than 4.4 inches (about 11.2 centimeters):
In the first phase of sexual arousal, the degree best male enhancement of expansion of the female vagina is very large, to accept the unknown size of the object. After, it will be re-tightened, gently wrapped the live objects to enter. You can use this feature to compensate for the deficiencies of the length: in prior to entering her body, rubbing her pubis. Next, a finger slowly into her vagina. Within a minute or two, the vagina will be adjusted to the extent compatible with your fingers. Next time you start intercourse. Due to the tightness of the vagina with your fingers is quite, you will get a tighter feel, and she will feel your penis than it actually is large.male enhancement pills

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