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Woman close together, straight legs easier to orgasm

Porn actress always Zhang feet sex, the woman straight in real life and close together and feet before they can get greater pleasure (refers to the use of the missionary position).

To adopt this posture, there are two methods:male enhancement

Allows clamping thigh muscles, and then further stimulate the body of the clitoris;

II, which also contribute to the friction in vitro clitoris pussy here within the folds, covered with a dense sensitive nerve group. For example, after he inserted his legs placed on your legs to the outside, your legs close together, and then his thighs clamped companion feet, followed by slow and in-depth start pumping, the penis can rub Yin pedicle roots, and began to accelerate, usually both sides are able to experience the superb pleasure.

Flexibility of training the muscles of the shame Ministrytop male enhancement reviews
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Your shame muscle flexibility will affect the degree of contact with the penis in vivo G. After all, the nature of the climax of a series of contractions of the uterus, vagina, rectum, and the shame of the Ministry of muscle action, muscle, the stronger the contraction action is more intense, the greater the delight is so simple. Moreover, your shame muscles more flexible, more to tighten the vaginal wall, increase the degree of friction with the penis, the better to stimulate the body of the clitoris. The so-called shame muscles, pubic bone is connected to the muscles around the spine, and the next when you urinate, try to suspend the outflow of urine to see, you can clearly tell where the muscles of the shame that you should exercise, I suggest you day to do the two seven-fifth of the contraction action cycle (but remember do not shrink to the abdomen or buttocks muscles, do not breath without breathing.)

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