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With what you still have qualification to share my husband?

No wonder I always feel shaw with me get married after the spirit is willing,male enhancement but the flesh is always, feel just turned forty of age as tiger didn’t HuWei,Best natural male enhancement pills I always thought that shaw is due to too much stress on the job, dinner party too much, best male enhancement pills let he often feel tired. For this reason, I still have to get the tonic and strengthen the body, but it is cheap shaw’s ex-wife clean.
I know shaw is betting on gas with me get married, but in his heart he has not put down a clean, even if I try again is not likely to be completely clean alternative in the mind of the shaw status. A few days ago, the shaw himself under the name of shares to into six copies, a turn of his ex-wife name, two turned to his former wife two daughter’s name, a plan to give me, and a plan to leave my belly children, he only take a. I feel so bad for the company’s operations, if his ex-wife made it difficult, the company will have the possibility of collapse, so, I told him not to this, but he advised me to say: “it is not easy to clean, people are not, or give her a little money now.” Also let me learn to open point, don’t too dispute, “anyway in your name and we unborn child’s name is enough also shares the mother you very rich life…….” I think is also, also did not dispute what.
But now, things are not as I imagine it, divorced woman she had taken the shares will to share has belongs to me of man, call I how swallow down this tone? Especially shaw, if you do not love me, if you still love her and say why for I am responsible for and with me get married? Have now is what age, and we are adults, since is wanted to do, and why want others to responsible for that?
I know that my husband is a points to his former wife have contrite, always think how to compensate for their mother and daughter, but the problem is most men are like, or long to this with a wife concubine life, it makes him very satisfied also have conquered feeling. So, to let him never to have any contact with clean is no, after all, have a daughter when an excuse to not anyone can stop his ex-wife is got.
But I really can’t make, not but need scruple to oneself’s belly was born of the child, I don’t want to children born without a father, more important is I know I didn’t even make qualifications all have no, because I know his ex-wife in his heart of weight, make bad it would be easy to outsmart oneself, will also be like his former wife so shaw on to each other. Don’t make always make me feel humbled, and clean in one thousand total by every possible empty my husband, also not a matter, therefore, privately I also have many ways, but it’s between they close the door to do, I can’t to her home to pack surveillance cameras forensics, therefore, forensics is difficult.
It’s not by not according to, but I support for all of the reduction from husband sexual ability can feel it, I really more and more worried about clean so wrecked her ex-husband, one day it will let his body completely collapse. At the same time, I worry more about this retched woman in the use of the nature of man to get our marriage.
If I don’t make also ought to nothing happens, it’s not really my personality, after all, now shaw is my husband, with what you have qualification to share my husband?

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