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Wimbledon is like “sex” field women more than men cry out

Simon in this year of the men and women put online temperature should not be “equal pay for equal work” point of view by the many female players protested against,male enhancement but including former serve machine Croatia’s WanNi plug and legend Iraq responsible for ATP masters official offers an English commentary on the former South African professional Robbie-Chambers case (Robbie Koenig) tennis coterie also stand up hard Simon.Best male enhancement reviews While “Simon events” make the on the fierce, but others for men and women should be equal pay for equal pay for equal work put forward a new reason according to–because wimbledon is like sex games, at least, top male enhancement a woman shouted in more than men in hard!

So far, maria sharapova,, was Aaron card, small wei and even DE brito such “high decibels players” can confidently on Simon said: “we are playing in the third set two wins, but we have yelled at more than you hard!”

Britain’s “daily post columnist Lucy Waterlow recently published an essay for the tennis is like sex games” article, in the article, he cited maria sharapova, Aaron and the small card, was the kind of woman’s player’s shouts to be over 100 decibels, and, by contrast, many male players, the cry of the euphemism are many.

And according to a 1171 survey of sampling (566 men and 605 women), 94% of the women admitted they in the bedroom than the other half shouts ring, also have 70% of men to identify their in sexual life often play a still tongue makes role, this and tennis court completely.

A British famous sex product retailers website recently took the temperature in the open rinse, and the new an advertising slogan-sex is like wimbledon tennis courts, and the cry of the woman always better than the men.

If women in the bedroom is the purpose of the other half calls temptation, then female players on the field of high decibels is A lot of people think that is A kind of interference with the strategy of rivals, including A-radmanovic Vance card, the numerous’s more than once in the public protest such calls, and has also been in research and WTA tennis court to explore how to limit the high decibels.

Although today’s women’s tennis two days later, was Aaron card and maria sharapova is such high decibels player, but this does not mean that the WTA and international cas didn’t dare to two “a cash cow” be a limitation. Wimbledon, before the said WTA wimbledon referee will carry this year with the volume measurement instrument, once a player’s shouts too exaggeration over a certain limits, the referee shall have the right to determine a replay of players or points to warn that the penalty even. But easily said but very hard to do, there is no player calls for high decibels suffered punishments appear, because of the formal system of punishment has not yet been established.

Square, London to female players may hissing at can’t stand, but disappeared in the beauty online, also somebody has made investigation said many of the roaring of the tennis fans but enjoy it. What about you?

At least, now of the female players can confidently on Simon said: “we are playing in the third set two wins, but we have yelled at more than you hard!”

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