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When you are in the following sex error? (2)

Five. Don’t too seriously

Sex is a let both sides engaged in and enjoy the game, male enhancement pills almost every move in bed will have a joke, why do so serious?

That will only destroy atmosphere,Natural male enhancement pills or laughing and produced a relaxed atmosphere,Best natural male enhancement to close the distance of each other.

6. The old cross-examine finished

Get down to business before long, a woman began to keep ask each other, not done. So ask may cause the man’s problems. There are two reasons for, in the first place, it’ll give each other a impression, and you don’t want to enjoy happiness, just want to be over.

Moreover, to the male speaking, if you let him haven’t to climax will hold on, it is a frustrating.

Male special should not period is the body for benefit at sex system function recovery and a “temporarily shut down” sex “protection program” of the system.

In should not increase of forced sexual stimulation, forcing myself again is to make the sexual intercourse system overload. The system restore more against sex, go down for a long time and it’s easy to create sexual damage, appear sexual dysfunction < http://xgnza.vivijk.com/zt/xgnza/ >.

In clinical, can often accepts to such cases: appeared “http://xgnza.vivijk.com/zt/zx/ > Premature Ejaculation patients, in order to” compensation “my own shortcomings, often forced organ in stimulation, repeated sexual intercourse, this greatly increases the sex of the burden of the system.

Go down for a long time, the body’s “resistance”. They often will soon start to appear should not excessive extension period (more than 24 hours), and this is “http://xgnza.vivijk.com/zt/yw/ > impotence early performance. If patients are not getting the right guidance, treatment, they are hard to avoid the impotence.

Say so, in sex, the key is to let the accumulation of sex urges energy get complete “release”, it is benign, high quality sex life. And simple to pursue the number of sexual intercourse is hard for women to bring real orgasm.

Men hope in sexual life fully satisfy women, and meet their to conquer, and to make their own self-confidence, self-esteem, great satisfaction. This is an instinct for men, also is the demand of social role.

This hope is very normal, we make the promotion of sexual medicine is as much as possible to help them reach this goal.

In sexual life to meet the women.

The key is to let women’s sexual response cycle by not interrupt, let she can reach climax. The accumulation of sex urges her to get sufficient energy release, and this is the quality rather than quantity.

If many times are low quality of sexual intercourse, make women’s sexual response cycle times and can’t be interrupted to orgasm, and the accumulation of her sexual urge energy cannot be released words.

But everyone should keep in mind the conform to the nature sex health principle, don’t force yourself, and make their own body to do some eventually undermine their own health.

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