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When he outrageous the body of that into my moment I collapse such as mud(B)

The train in the cut our distance,best natural male enhancement but I still don’t know what is in order to meet? Meeting happen?Have a heart of a kind of longing and a hint of worry. best natural male enhancement pills My train is the seventh day of the 22 points to more, he said he night 17 point. “You want to drive so long have to walk road, right?” “That’s all right, I want to quickly see you. If convenient give me my message, lest I falling asleep.” best male enhancement reviews I can’t send too frequency, afraid he distraction, also can’t time interval is too long, afraid he really sleepy. So every 20 minutes to he hair a few word, or a joke, every time he simply reply, he is always put in the direction he told me that I come and go, let me have a kind of attachment, have a kind of look forward to. The seventh day 21 points he came to the city more Z, he said in the exit to wait for me.
The train arrived on time, in the exit I see him, although not seen but I feel it was he, the man, firm and resolute determination are written on his face, he also went all the way is walking towards me, very natural handshake, get on the car, eat food taken late at night, all he is arranged very considerate, very sweet, very natural.
Time is already 1:00 a.m., the rest of the time? Maybe so sit about things won’t happen, but I still could not help myself to accept the arrangement of him, he said to take a bath room, have a rest. He and I walked into the room, and a double room let I don’t feel comfortable, downy lamplight makes people feel might want to have happen. He said: “you don’t have to worry about, what matter all have no, everything should be is natural feeling, I never push women to do what.” His words make me relax how many many, I went into the bathroom began to wash away the dust of a suit, the way ShuLi the messy thoughts. Light is the woman in the mirror? Shapely, extend the hips, the chest up with full of a kind of longing. I slowly wash, want to wash away time, because I don’t know that had washed will do? Maybe not don’t know, just didn’t want to.
At this time the mirror appeared a naked man, his firm came to me and I’m locked the door? At that time the brain a blank. He threw her arms around me, and I have no consciousness, no resistance, may simply do not want to rebel. When he arrogant into my body, I collapse such as mud, let he picked up the I in wide bed, I only feel the body by the time and again, and again be filled, a never had the pleasure let I gave a happy cry, in body, like has a torrent of not spring are flowing out flooded myself, let me the waves of vertigo…… When I woke up, see side strange but and then let me happy man, at that time at a loss. One of his hand on the pressure on me, as though I were and bet, a face fell asleep contentedly. He is my husband except outside of the only man, short seven days he conquered, was taken from him a woman bitter guard of virginity, tear down the silent, just of pleasure into a shame. I ran to the bathroom tried flushing of my body…

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