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What love can not weight

However, not everyone can be so lucky, first meet her Mr. Right, is often happy opening, the sad finish at a failed marriage is not only sad,male enhancement pills but also face problems when the remarriage .

People may have experienced the frustrations of marriage can not help but ask: have obviously in love, why I would fail, while remarriage will be happy? Whoever it is, the marital history of the past more or less would become the remarriage comparison parameters, but more parameters to bring positive or negative impact.

Experienced a failed marriage, and some people’s understanding of love and marriage more thoroughly, and know how through remarriage to re-start a new life, while some people but then divorced brooding face of remarriage at a loss and flawless . Only open once a failed marriage knot, to find once the problem and avoid the pitfalls, and to exclude various psychological obstacles, to find a truly suitable for them, can be compatible with it, in order to regain happiness in remarriage.

Compatible achievements of a happy marriage

Remarried, the pain is not extremely difficult to forget the old things, the difficulty is how to re-start a new love life. Pain brought on a marriage can be time fade, but the resulting psychological barrier, if you do not actively excluded, but it will hinder the development of new a relationship all natural male enhancement.

Remarried the psychological barrier is probably as follows:

First, the old friends disturbed. Can not forget love,best natural male enhancement
often showing nostalgia, regardless, and now love the feeling.

Second, love. Hold a current partner with the previous comparison, the current partner requirements are too high, picking, and believe that as good as the old and new, in fact, of habit.

Three jealousy mischief. Jealousy and care about each other once the marriage, and that the other side of love and feelings of the past deep, not enough emphasis on their own.

Fourth, the lack of trust. Because the other side had a failed marriage, even a tiny on each other’s confidence is shaken, that the love the other party is not a qualified candidate, as well as in money matters severe mental alert, preoccupied with concealing their own property.

For the kids and problems. If a party with children remarry, not handled well with the relationship of the other children, resulting in all kinds of conflicts, resulting in more and more family problems, emotional and

Love easy to get along, the small good with her ex-husband, a failed marriage, mainly due to personality clashes, and personality clashes, mainly in the key dimension of values, responsibility, emotional stability, trust, communication style, open, romantic sex degree can not be compatible, resulting in conflicts, resulting in disharmony.

Remarriage, considering the character compatibility problem, but also from the emotional and psychological to accept the reality of divorce, reflection and re-evaluation of past performance, identify errors, change themselves, and reshape the confidence to remarry. A comprehensive understanding of the remarriage of the advantages and disadvantages of the object, mutual respect, communication, efforts to adapt to each other, trust each other.

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