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This spring will keep male “three to” female “five to”

Spring to prevent kidney damage,male enhancement pills should follow the first play and then joy,Best natural male enhancement pills male “three to” female “five to” principle of preserve one’s health.
Chinese since ancient times some “HuaiChun”, “why”, “be the awaken of spring” saying, male enhancement pills reviews give people’s sex becomes active in the spring up. Visible, spring homone secrete exuberant men and women, is a good time to sex.
Male “three to” female “five to”
The first play ask a man to “three to”, namely the full erectile (coastal pain to), the penis fever (to it), hard and durable (kidney gas to); Women to best “five to”, namely ruddy (head to) face, eye consist (coastal pain to), the sweating (lung gas to), tight snuggle up (temper to), Yin liquid spill (kidney gas to).
Spring sex should pay attention to the other problems
1, frequency slow increase
After a year, can increase sexual desire increase with infrequent, but must advance step by step, less by increasing, especially pay attention to not arbitrary indulgence. Because sex too frequently may cause body unwell, serious would damage the kidney.
2, avoid the thunderstorm wind
Most regions of the LeiFaSheng early in “surprised zhi” before and after, at this time, the cold air frequent activity, the temperature is not stable, and often associated with wind, rain, in this bad weather when, had better stop sex. In addition, the spring there were often “late”, when the human body skin pores are opened, the ability to cold evil against abate, spring to keep warm her health.
Three, to gas to restless
Spring is the liver meridian qi, smooth diseases, sex, be harmonious, the body to health. At this time the most avoid is moody sex health or too depressive, suggest the spring before sex maintain peace and happy mood, with good looking forward to enjoy sex.
4, filling water fill sun be the spirit
Filling water fill sun be the spirit. The spring weather dry, both sides of husband and wife to pay attention to keep hydrated, lest because of a lack of drinking water less urine output and strong, can not be the harmful material such as bacteria eduction body outside, suffer from reproductive system disease. At the same time, the spring to sunshine, to take part in outdoor activities, for the body compensatory sun be the spirit.
5, pay attention to contraception
Spring male sperm quality is better, more easy to conceive. Therefore, if don’t want children, enjoy the passion and health words, must make contraceptive measures, so as not to affect the sex life or bring harm to the body.

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