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The woman you exactly climax not

Women in sex activity to orgasm has its obvious features:

1. Before the arrival of orgasm, male enhancement someone will be part of the body skin flush sex

This is because the blood to redistribute, in body,Best natural male enhancement blood flow to the body suddenly, lead to subcutaneous superficial blood vessels of congestion results.Best natural male enhancement pills Sex flush mainly appear in facial ministry, former chest, breast, next the body skin also likely congestion phenomenon.

2. Appear muscle tension

Due to increased muscle excitability, part of the body appeared muscle muscle tension, never at will shrink to the regularity of contraction. In the sexual climax, can appear muscle spasms sample contraction, main show is hand, foot convulsion, facial distorted or body and twisted.
3. Breathing, heartbeat to accelerate

Due to the excitement of the central nervous system, elevated blood pressure, muscle contraction, aerobic metabolism, the acceleration of oxygen demand increases, breathing, heartbeat to accelerate that. The sexual climax, breathing number can reach 40 times/points, sometimes with rhythmic moaning; Heart rate increased to 120 / cent, have individual women even as high as 150-160 / cent.

4. Feel change

Women to orgasm, people appear awareness of fuzzy, vision, hearing impairment, and even appeared transient syncope; Part of the women with taste, smell drops or disappear. To resolve period, it gradually returned to normal.

5. The sexual climax to the feminine vagina muscle

Especially the vaginal muscles will happen obvious mouth violent strong and pleasant contraction, the obvious to the penis is solid effect, the contraction usually have 3 ~ 15 times, every 0.8 seconds a contraction for 2 ~ 4 seconds, or longer, and bring the height of the own joyous. The constitution is good, not of women who have the vaginal the contraction of muscle effect is particularly obvious.

Finally, then the woman will not consciously pelvis jitter (especially the vagina and anus sphincter muscle mention) and the relative these muscles will consciously and consciously appear rhythmic contraction. Then the process of rhythmic shrinkage occurred, from the bottom of the uterine cervix has been developed to, its climax stage muscle spasms happen times more, time also is long. Some people describe, like mild electric shock at this time, or like has a warm current from private parts to the whole body.

6. Breast erectile responses appear nipple

Inside the breast tissue in the muscle contraction at will, vascular congestion, nipple perked up is hard. Once to orgasm, breast skin red, swollen areola is more obvious.

Female orgasm, and generally has diversity, about a 936 married women of child-bearing age orgasm analysis of the investigation shows, orgasms points and eight kinds of common single type: vagina contraction type, type, general jitter warm current general type, current through the type, and laugh carnival type, waving off type, groan uneasy type, drunk dim type. Some performance for double type, three types, four type at the same time appear, etc.

Among them with double class, single type to see most, about 66%, and the vast majority (about 88%) in the climax of the performance of the hold each other. Of course, which also has a 10% to 12% of the women had ever seen a climax, about 5% of the women’s only pleasure without climax; About 7% of women have neither the pleasant sensation, and have no high tide.

It should be pointed out, the female orgasm reaction have obvious individual differences, someone strong, someone the weak; And is not a sex life every time can achieve, sometimes without; Some people to orgasm various responses are already realize and others throughout his life all don’t know what is the taste of orgasm.

Therefore, every couple also don’t think too much of women must each sex life to orgasm, and as long as in sexual life satisfaction and joy to both sides can.

As for those who never married for many years experience orgasm happy person, just be female sexual dysfunction, it is necessary to go to hospital please sex medical training the doctor.

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