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The woman to marry a good man is the most practical?

Chinese New Year party home students, male enhancement I was devastated. Before me is the fact that, for a woman is really learn good is inferior to marry of good!top male enhancement reviews I really waver. Love and bread, which is more important?
The Spring Festival and the university of bedroom JieMenEr gathering together, the eldest brother requirements are bring your own boyfriend, but unfortunately, my boyfriend back to hometown outside, best male enhancement reviews so I was very brave to a person, is really devastated!!!!!!! This year to spell doesn’t father began to spell man! When our bedroom six girls all to! Three brought her boyfriend’s ~ boss boyfriend drove home of cars (mercedes-benz) carrying her and her boyfriend to send her a IPHONE4S, oneself still use a, because they have been engaged, so the man to our boss bought a car, jaguar, it is said that several hundred thousand to old four boyfriend six has with the house, the city of clothbound room, more than ten thousand square meters of old 6 ~ a boyfriend sent her a samsung I9000 or something a lot of a mobile phone and absolute famous university background, it is said that now the man has begun to independent venture, prospects should be good.
And then I really injured ah ~ because my boyfriend TNND also in two to go to graduate school to wait for a year to graduate, now or student life, to go out to a movie will dispute which worthwhile, send me ever the best gift is the gift of a aa anime early of sound hand do, even if graduate is also don’t have a car not room to want what nothing, no any accumulation, really is to what nothing important! Want to have at least to a struggle for several years. I didn’t I those kids grades, but the early on the man may be well with thee, and they don’t need to work hard every day, don’t need daily crowded bus, don’t need daily to look pretty clothes pinching pennies, because, they have a rich man.
The party is really make me think a lot ah ~ suddenly thought of my mother often talk in my ear words to find a rich ah women did not marry again good good, mom is not harm you ah ~ ~ I always think mother living too forces, and now I’m confused. I’ve been talking to my own said my boyfriend is potential shares, and I really love love him, and we start from freshman ~ go to now 2 ~ has been developed a school to have dinner together every day reading ~ very happy together ~ ~ ~ ~
Now I can’t afford to spell man! And after a few years. I man broke out and I will together with you man! Besides the ~ I not too bad yourself? ~ ~ ~ but mother a word and I beat “learn well is inferior to marry good”! In the front of the facts.
The lights went out. Music low voice ~ my heart really injured
When I was a girl, naive to think love is very good
When I become a woman of time, suddenly feel bread more beautiful!

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