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The woman in the bed of millions of can’t do five thing

Is very popular now sleep “your beauty sleep” to achieve cosmetic effect.male enhancement pills Because enough sleep itself is the beauty of the premise. But,natural male enhancement you know a lot of in bed is can’t do? These things will not only affect your sleep, Best male enhancement reviews still can damage your health and beauty!

A, not to take off a BRA sleep a lot of the United States eyebrow don’t know, night wear BRA sleep, will be oppressive to the lymph in the breast, make the toxin that herein produces not easy eduction, like this accumulate over a long period will be a long time produce canceration. And most of the bra by chemical fibber, the poisonous and harmful material also can bring undesirable stimulation to the breast, long-term wearing chemical fiber bra, is undoubtedly contributed to an important factor of breast cancer. To the breast is a bra protective effect, but according to relevant experts study found that especially induce breast tumors. According to the statistics more than 17 hours every day wear bra of mammary gland tumor dangerous girls than short time wear bra or not wear bra high above the 20 times.

TIPS: in addition to the sleeping of time don’t wear BRA, should also be in ordinary times the rich in estrogen foods such as lean meat, eggs, milk, beans, carrots, lotus, peanut, malt, grapes, sesame etc. Cooperate with massage, can maintain a perfect chest type oh

Second, no matter whether have slept due to cold, afraid of head out of habit or catch a cold, many people like to sleep with his head in a quilt and then a sleep until the morning. But fall into sleep to healthy body is very harmful. Because masked sleep easy cause difficulty breathing, the person is in the sleeping of time still on oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange, once in a quilt cover, the supply of oxygen will be cut off, and with a quilt of carbon dioxide concentration increases, oxygen concentration falling, long time to breathe in the humid air, the harm to the brain is very great. Time for a long time can cause lack of sleep quality caused by poor, easy do nightmare. Woke up will feel dizzy, lack of power, flagging spirit.

TIPS: at night when should choose high moderate pillow, just keep the head and shoulders in a horizontal plane is preferred. And then try to keep the right to lie down with recumbent. The quilt cover over the shoulders, but show the face, ensure smooth breathing, so that they can get a good night’s sleep, the second day refreshed!

Three, firm the hair with long hair or sleep a lot of women found and shoulder at night when Saul to the neck can feel hair are itchy, so hair tied up sleep, but to do this is beneficial not only to head the blood circulation, influence the depth of sleep, which affects the quality of the skin. But also can increase the scalp susceptive pressure, easy to cause the hair. So at night when put on a soft pillow towel, to ensure that the hair has dried up, and put the hair dial the on one side, like this can not only make the scalp to get sufficient stretch, and the next morning to keep living style.

TIPS: sleep head to get a Max of relaxation, before a way to do massage. Start from the temple, the head TianLingGai place to light delay ground massage scalp. The thumb pressure temporal, four pull around the head, rubbing with head on to heart gradually. Then his hands are ungual state, on the same side brow upper part, appropriate force from the forehead to comb pushed to head back, continuous do 10 ~ 15 times. This is the quite simple massage method, insist to do every night before going to bed, can slow headaches, dizziness and the symptom such as insomnia.

Four, with makeup sleep at night to sleep with makeup to cause pore jams, skin with the human body, and will feel tired. A day down the discharge makeup as early as possible should let pore clean to breathe, relax. And if let skin rudimental cosmetic clogged pores, can cause sweat gland secretion barrier

TIPS: before sleeping every night to pay attention to the cleaning face, and timely filling water. Once a week, the deep clean, hiding out in the deep pore sundry. Every two or three days to do a mask. Can use yogurt wet face film paper directly after apply is on the face, also can have very good moisturizing effect. And pay attention to the temperature too high water don’t use, wash your face, that will accelerate the generation of wrinkles. The second day up, if use cold water washs a face, still can rise to the role of detumescence.

Five, wear socks sleep first should remember, sleeping of time don’t wear socks. Because foot be stuffy all the day, in the night also is needs to breathe some fresh air, la. Wear socks sleep, foot would produce sweat is not easily excluded, in middle toe, beneficial to the fungal growth and reproduction, it is easy to ZuXuan born.

TIPS: your feet is more sensitive to temperature, if catch cold catch cold, can reflex sexual ground to cause vasoconstriction nasal mucosa, easy to cause a cold. So every night with hot bubble foot except outside, also can be in usually drink a DianBu gas raise blood of preserve one’s health of tea. To alleviate pains, Chinese wolfberry, red dates clean pan together with medium heat for about 15 minutes. And then put into the brown sugar, or a little after cooling and append the honey can. The way to good health tea warm up stomach, the beneficial in spirit, keep blood to tranquilize the nerves, long service have prolong life, the effects of aging.

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