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The woman I love old man was mistress(D)

TaoYu disease after, male enhancement pills I haven’t been to her there. all natural male enhancement One night, I suddenly answered her phone, said she was ill, I hope I can see her. I went to, TaoYu got sick, just drink wine, the whole house is filling the air the smell of alcohol. When I go to help her, she suddenly grabbed me, she said Jody, male enhancement pills reviews I like you, don’t you know? I watched her, dim lighting more TaoYu like Sue surplus, but she ultimately not Sue surplus, I thought that I could forget Sue surplus, own also tried to accept TaoYu, but the truth tell me, I can’t do that.
Small a phone is received in three months later, she said Jody, this Sunday is my wedding day, you can cast over here? I am one leng, small a wedding?
I want to Sue surplus will go. Miss has made me some crazy, no matter how, I will go to see her again.
The wedding lively and luxurious, but all this to me is a bit is not important, I even turn a blind eye. I only search a to my passionate figure. Yes, she does not wear wedding gown, her ring finger and no ring! At that moment, I suddenly touching to cry. I through the crowd and went straight into the she walked past. I am desperate to took her by the hand, and said come with me. I always take her run to the hallway, and then I ruthlessly hug her and kiss her hard, I said Sue surplus, can you give me box on the ear, but I have to tell you, I always love you very much, if all still in time, please let us together. I feel warm tears flow. Sue surplus along while just looked up and her eyes YingYing across the tears, she that answer: I’ve been waiting for him to divorce, until you meet, I also wanted to pursue you, but I dare not, some time ago, listen to the little flower said you back to the northeast, I just know you how important it is to me, I’m completely and he points my hand, and I’ve been waiting for, but I’m afraid I can’t wait to that day, afraid you don’t have the qualification. I once again hold tight her, I said you are such a silly child, love of two people talk about what qualifications? If true qualification will say, I have? These things are not important, the important thing is we can together, can be for life. We are two paying child, but close together, we will warm.
If must go through so many setbacks and suffering to meet with you, so I can only cherish you. And at this moment, the flow of tears and trained injury are our way a beautiful background of meet it.

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