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The woman ask yourself: why do we have to fake an orgasm

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Women have sexual desire requirements, or have pleasant sensation, but can not reach sexual climax, is called on medicine lack of orgasm. It is not the individual phenomenon. According to medical clinical data show that the average orgasm women to rate is ten points-six over ten, that is only half of, even more sexual life, women are not have an orgasm, some women even life never had an orgasm.

Sex is a kind of enjoyment. Men and women make love, is the queen of enjoy a feast. Why is woman to fake an orgasm?

Fake orgasm is a kind of learning and behavior of the day after tomorrow, most of the women in the tired after a long day admits, in order to cope with the demand of man, reached a climax early sex can shorten the time to save energy. Also some women because thoughtful man, and pretend to climax, avoid injury in the man’s pride, also don’t want to sweep the man with, want to make him happy. Another reason, is trying to hide the true sex ability and fear of being considered the sex apathy.

Many people know that women’s sexual excitement, it is along the curve of the moderate up, and then gradually low, especially in plateau and climax period, she did there is no way to use my strength to suppress her reaction, which caused by the excitement will on the whole body. So the breast, neck, hip and back will all feel very tight, that is all over the body becomes very sensitive, so sexy take part of the sensitivity is rising rapidly. The phenomenon is true and false to different parts of the response, if no Ru wet phenomenon, but the sound of words, can be judged said: this is a lie.

Another when women orgasm, besides the skin flush, swelling, muscle tight skip, sweat, four physiological reaction outside, also can send out all kinds of sound or condition, this is called a bed, happy is the first reaction.

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