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The wife wear clairvoyant outfit on his flirting on the leg

When the men were around of sexy beautiful goddess of seduce,male enhancement but I choose to find a good kind of girl as a life partner, in my opinion, sexy of what can set-up,Top male enhancement reviews but virtuous kind is difficult to model.

However, the elder brothers laughed at me, male enhancement pills reviews and said, the women play before marriage and after marriage will naturally virtuous, I was to disagree, even thought they marry to me virtuous wife, have kind of envy of envy that hate.

But eight years later, but I accidentally broke the virtuous wife dissolute behavior. She even explain all don’t explain, he wu wear face to burst into tears, I really want to go to beat her, but, I have to women don’t understand the hand, especially my woman, huge mistakes, men do not escape responsibility.

Always remember that day, the morning wife call me confirm whether to go on a business trip, I said yes, may be on business week, she used very intimacy of the tone say not willing to give up I go.

Get married eight years, I’m from a small salesman into large area manager, a year of a third time to the journey. Every time I’m she is reluctant to me, this makes me very proud, man, heart and wild, the most read or home to the harbor.

Originally planned on business plan, because customers there are in an emergency, I can only give up this travel, let it be, can take his wife and children go out for dinner, because the perennial are all busy with work, actually accompany a wife and child’s time is less.

When I take a rose secretly opened the door, found the table have already prepared a table of food, don’t wife know I want to go home? But, as I went into a bedroom, I was shocked, the wife were dressed in perspective pajamas of college students on the leg sit tutor, in order to enjoy dinner for two, the children had been the wife to her grandmother’s home, the wife see I quickly wu wear face to cry, may she never thought I’d temporary back, caused by air HuoGong heart, I didn’t even hit the family education college students with some angry that his wife had to hold me, the result let that ya of ran, he walks, he said, is she seduce my, I didn’t offer!

When I get to her to sign the divorce agreement, the wife sniveling refused to sign, the mood is very low. She said all bad, even in this life 当牛做马 also willing to give me, just can’t and her divorce.

She said all is at that time be silly, will not do it again. However, the more angry, and the tutor to day, a wife to give the tutor small more than $30000, it went far beyond the tutor itself of classes. Now I don’t know what to do, they want to beat to death that mix boy.

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