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The wife usually midnight goat away from home

I think I am a disappointing man,male enhancement I feel I cannot manage my wife. natural male enhancement Probably because think she is too important, so always spoil her,Best male enhancement pills that made like today so everybody is having a hard time.

In fact we married just more than half a year, but we are together for two years. At first, we all get along well, also no argument, that kind of thing. My temper has been good, the relatively mild of that kind of, never and people blush with shame, and I am very easy to ‘heart. So I say to the wife has been a loud words. I think I so of man should be very good.

But, my wife seems more and do not know how to cherish. The original is good temper, later became worse and worse, and ready to be difficult with sb with me, I don’t quarrel with her, she is the only one there complaining. Actually, I’m don’t want to tolerate this kind of temper, not I don’t want to get angry, is I think to the people around him especially angry relatives, that is a mistake. But the wife be don’t know to cherish, and still more and more severe.

She has a habit, is often want to eat supper at night. Finished eating the food taken late at night are more than eleven o ‘clock, eat the food taken late at night and bad sleep immediately, so she can be there on the Internet to play games, like those gorgeous dance or something. Sometimes I want to go to bed, she was still there to play and play of very big voice, I sometimes small voice say to her that her under an early night, she would say you sleep, you tube I why. If I say again, she’ll be with my noisy.

So many times, she is in the middle of the angry with my branches. She get angry not hiding in a room, but a voice silent all the while directly to angrily run downstairs, says to want to go out for the night. Even a few times, she actually angry, take out suitcase clothes up, say to want to live outside.

Although I didn’t do anything wrong, but I’ve put down the face apologize to her, but still no holding her. Every time she midnight run out, my heart inside are concerned about, is secretly behind her, afraid she have an accident. Or try to put her to come home from the outside. After coming home, often three to four, we didn’t go to sleep, and I had to work the next morning. So I sleep often seriously insufficient.

You don’t love me said the wife, but she usually I quite loving. Said love me, but why want to always like this? I really don’t understand a woman, the prince what can you teach me. Thank you very much.

A wife is helpless drenches man……

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