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The wife say I far worse than her former boyfriend

Son got married in

Hot and I are after 80, male enhancement actually we had known, senior high school classmate at once, Best natural male enhancement but is only students, the words are never said a few words. Each of the university, and after graduation, students meet in a meeting, and then to begin love, then quickly get married. The reason is very simple, she is pregnant. From love to get married, I and hot needed only eight months, male enhancement pills reviews but this does not affect to hot love and I to marriage yearning.

During the fall in love, I have to be honest to each other and hot “past”. Here also not afraid you laugh at me, four years in the university, I “you’re attached,” didn’t talk over in love, only unrequited love a classmate, but on fruit. Compared to me, is quite a hot experience, a bitter entwine, a full four years, four years, she do for that man had two artificial abortion, first in big 2:00, one in four is about to graduate. These things only hot away in my heart, parents did not know.

Sorching tells the past eye restraining tears, she says she is stupid, put all really to that person, whether anyone cherish. But the hot don’t regret it, for the love, she thought that all values.

In may this year, the hot pregnant, two people look at what is in front of examination results, each have idea. I want to get married, but hot but not prepared. I tell her: “the child is the gift from god, urged the we married. I love her, and willing to accept her past. In fact, in this era, the past is not important, the important is grasp now.

In July 2011, I and hot wedding. According to the rules of the house sorching, feast points two do, home of time, the husband’s family again. My mother gave hot 16800 yuan price being paid, not much, but how much more ability to do great things that we have to try to. In fact the hot’s PeiJia is also very simple, but is a few sets bedding, the rest of the household appliances, building decoration of I am responsible for all.

Shortly after the marriage, the mother-in-law a friend to marry his daughter, I and hot got married (hot at the house on booze), the somebody else give GuoLi (gift of course to the mother-in-law), by rights, the wedding I and hot have to, but I think, gift shouldn’t let we drank. I put the idea to the hot, hot, listen and flew into a rage and pointed at my nose to lambaste: “I knew you would say that, as early as can see you is a shameless stingy man, with his wife, are so fussy about every detail, I this lifetime return how to count on you……”

At that time I smiled, but even more, I wanted to cry, had we have catering, my mom had taken all the gift we, I let my mother said to hot words, hot a face of despise: “with what, this is as it should be.” Obviously, the hot to my mother and her mom is completely different to two standards.

At the beginning, I and hot wedding party have to rush, failed to notice to all people, plus the wedding is in their hometown do of, a lot of friends have missed it. September this year, looking for a time, I again about unity helps the students, eat meal together. The day to the person many, we all carry home with mouth, I didn’t expect that girl (my college of unrequited love the). In fact also nothing important, that year never intersection, and what’s more, now their home. But unfortunately, the hot know the girl and my old, a good thing to her students through the breeze, when hot didn’t say what, but the “fire” in a later in life.

Since then temporarily have no matter, I and hot work and life all normal. I like to play games, often with the unit of several colleagues ZaDuiEr PK, one day, and they asked me to “fight”. I call for not to hot, said to go back later, hot and without objection. But come off work, leadership suddenly requisition office, a group had to be DiaoShouSan, I was glad to be home in advance. The way to buy some hot love eating snacks, home push door, hot is sitting in the bed of the bedroom phone call, a full face of is a tear, bed and throw the tissue is full of wipe tears, who she’s phone call?

I after taking the door, hot quickly hang up the phone and ask her to chat with who, and she didn’t answer, things like this in the past. Until the end of the month, I receive a message the notice that I this month’s set of meals overruns (I and hot with lovers package), get to the Internet a check, that call for sorching made three hours, the other side is, of course, the man-her former boyfriend. As a husband, I’m angry, his wife with old people chat for three hours, and the culture, this is what circumstance? I let the hot the guy’s number tell me (actually I know), I want to talk to him, but the hot resolutely refused and said if I go looking for that person, she broke up with me.

Of course I don’t want to break up, also had to be halted.

Hot and former boyfriend OuDuanSiLian, I generous enough to let bygones be bygones, but how is the hot for me? She began to take my female classmates like of the the move, half true half a false ground kua are beautiful, said people have temperament, and then force I admit, I had to admit that. But she said I didn’t forget that girl, always want to talk to the girl GuaTianLiXia…… I earnestly explain, hot don’t listen: “it doesn’t matter, anyway, you not only in my heart, you than so-and-so (her former boyfriend) far worse, if you can talk to him in this life, I will be relieved.”

Mind perhaps emotionally

I don’t know you ever that “palpitations” feeling, anyway, at that time I think the blood is caky already, or even any tears come out. Maybe that sentence is to: a woman will never forget that get her man, for life. I’m entanglements, don’t know what the problem is, a even the most basic sense of responsibility are not of man, in the hot eye was so perfect, than me thousands of times ten thousand times. At that moment, with a broken heart.

Hot temper is more and more big, she explained, the mood of pregnant women it is uncertain. I can understand, everything with wife opinion shall prevail, all the free time out to accompany her, whatever she want to go shopping, or visiting her mother, as long as she proposed, compliance with the I. If the hot wanted to be left alone, I will respect, never interfere in her private space, just told her attention to safety, go home early.

I took my hot go to a hospital making production inspection, the doctor said she anemia, want to eat pork liver, peanut, etc. The doctor’s words is the decree, wife of the body is very important, I hasten to go home to prepare. But the hot don’t like, think pig liver too xing, peanuts didn’t smell, anyhow had every reason to refuse.

I well-meaning, says a colleague of our unit Pregnant do not pay attention to nutrition, results when children seven months before, the tone is to go back to work redeemed, the physical condition to sell at a discount greatly…… Is meant to hot good, give her some inspiration, but she heard only to a sentence: “you to the that girl is concerned about, well, a observation carefully, so somebody else good body bad you how can know, with somebody else have a leg?” I have nothing to say.

For hot, I consider myself RenZhiYiJin, argument is she a start, every time and good is all my first compromise. In life, I for her care is meticulously, three meals a day, laundry, mopping the floor is one. These I regrets, but I hope to get hot love, not feed her overbearing. But obviously, I’m working with run counter to their original intentions, this kind of marriage very tired.

If no children, perhaps I will choose to let go, can now of situation so I can’t decide that what the how to continue? I have no idea…

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