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The phone derailed hear a husband process(C)

I tore heart crack lung to crying my injustice, male enhancement pills but he is still waving his fist, no moved, he hit me for that money? So many years, Top male enhancement reviews until now I don’t know how much his salary is. My salary is little, usually used for everyday little spending, I think, a family,Best male enhancement pills also cent what each other, he will because that some money and hit me? The second day, I really feel that our relationship can not be saved, I will put the home of the old man, the old lady willingness to pack away, agreed to go in the afternoon and divorce him. Because divorce married people too much, that day we still didn’t from into in line to next week. In the days that followed, I cannot enter working state.

One day, I really can’t stand this suffering from unit ran home, cry to him on the phone. He said home at noon. That day, I hold him, he also hold me. And I said, what is the reason? He said that in fact your person really good, very good, I just feel like a marriage this paper constraints, I feel very sorry you. If have no the paper, perhaps I’ll love you more. From, I also can’t leave the house. So, baby won’t know, I really can’t understand.

Later, and I heard some rumors about him, said he had already found a very beautiful young girl, so want a divorce. I heard the rumors of I tell him, he said, how can, I got divorced and others will never get married, more not and others regeneration a child, you must believe me.

As a child of woman, my heart think so, if he is turned back on that day, I really want to go to wait for him. So, finally we will give my daughter a complete family. I was very confused, ask teacher, I should believe him? Sometimes, I think, he let me hear the phone call, whether he’s plan? I really don’t want to believe that he would come to deal with me such a woman.

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