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The phone derailed hear a husband process(B)

Until 2007, male enhancement I personally see him until two from and we do with a community woman’s home came out,Best male enhancement reviews I’m really disappointed. The next day, I went to the woman, the woman give I apologized. I think it’s perhaps because the business relationship, male enhancement pills reviews she is also being forced to, I don’t have much to blame the woman. This time, I spoke to him the word divorce from his mouth, and he never admit and that woman has relations. He told me to look after his performance, also said that we will take things easy. Actually speak from the heart, I also not willing to give up the home so spread, but the event, he said he is very busy with so, so home very late every day.

In fact, I already accustomed to this way of life, until March 5, 2008 days late at one o ‘clock in the morning, I wake up sleep, and he didn’t go home. I have a habit, as long as he didn’t go home, and I however is to also sleep ungrounded. I pull out the his phone, can pull out several times after, no one answer, just as I will give up when the phone “. But I heard only novels and movies which just some plot, he and a woman in the whole process of sex on the bed were I heard.

My tolerance, my self-esteem, was he trample on, he returned home, the first time I call him a sitting room to go to sleep. I said, before we make antinomy, all is me injustice, this time I won’t injustice yourself, your own a sitting room to go to sleep. We this for about a week, one day, I was in my work, he sent me a text message, “to prepare, we go to handle divorce procedures”, this is I didn’t think of.

True to this, I just feel special accept, life for more than 10 years of husband and wife, and immediately will become the stranger, but him out. I was at a stream of gas, since you to stay away from, from is from, so many years, you give me the damage of, must give I compensation!!!! That day, we went to the bank, he turned a part of the money to my card, I see him so resolutely, seems to me no as a souvenir.

When he came out from the bank, I said, I’ve changed my mind, actually, from the heart speaking, I don’t want to leave him, and children. But he said, you tricked me, you cheat me money, since not to leave, give me my money back. I said, that is not refund, you outside of the flower is more than this lover? Before, I never said these words, that night, he came home, I also didn’t sleep, he walked in, I two fan directly on the ear. This is his first time to play me, return in mouth, and said, I tidy up is you this kind of person, make fun of me? At that time, I was true of despair. In front of friends, I was trying to protect his image, although I have so much injustice, but I never speak to anybody, including parents.

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