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The mysterious woman 5 days lover

When I look at her from taxi car drill out,male enhancement I subconsciously see form, All natural male enhancement the general situation is, at 2:30 in the morning.
In this district I when the five months of security, the owner of pass in and out, and basically mixed face familiar, best natural male enhancement but only her, always give a person a kind of mystery. Not because she ZhouFuYeChu living law, but her cold. That kind of cold, let a person not to start a conversation ideas.
Our village security captain said, owner and cold, we will still active extrusion smiling face and salute, this is service attitude, not understand? We certainly understand, but some owners even look at the idea of we glance at all have no, that you say, we how to squeeze them smile? However, I managed to squeeze out a few times to her smiling face, but she still face a coldly went away, as if I was a decoration stick.
Who had thought, one day I walked into her flat, and some with her story.
1, 30 that night, it seems that what accident could happen
But the lunar New Year’s eve is an exception. That day I value ShangBanYe wheel, zero of the relief of the first 30 minutes, she managed to walk back to the community, I see area doorway, she stopped, on the face is quiet smile, and some minor voice distinct dumb: eve, on duty?
I have some accident. She so active “hello” with me for is unprecedented. I time some panic, the answer is after < http://cosmetics.ifeng.com/whoo/index.html >, ask her: “you have no home New Year’s day?” Of course I don’t know where she’s hometown.
“Don’t want to go back to, lazy.” She is some light.
“I’d love to, but home tied up……” I actually was to make a new overtime, three times, I feel is worth a few days with the class.
“In fact, the countryside, nor very interesting New Year. But, no, go back, and it really and cold……” She seems to have a chat with people of desire.
30, in the foreign Chinese New Year, who did not feel lonely? I also ponder, zero after relief and look for the rest of the Chinese New Year in fuzhou also drink a little wine.
“You stay a little longer… free drink together, wine……” She put his hand in his pocket, the body lean on TingBian post on the site, said some undecided.
“What…… I…… free…” I suspect he was hearing things.
“I mean, if I have time, we go for a drink wine?” She smiled, and established and clear said.
“I’ll just off work, say, where to go to? It seems that shop are shut.” I’m trying to calm down, let his voice sounds natural some.
“That, go to my home, anyway I one. I bought some ready-made things, just can wine. So, you call me after work.” She said the telephone number is out, I lose to small quick, make a phone call to her, and she laughed press away.
“That, see you later.” I looked at her fund fund into village, at that time, some slow however to god.
Is really an accident, in this good year 30.
2, in her unit room, chat about her past
From military veterans, I don’t want to back, a fellow soldiers was introduced in the provincial capital of work as a security guard. Everyone joke on me, and said, so long handsome, should go to find a single rich life. Security days boring machine, although sometimes can be some gas, but outside to work than in everday, relatively secure peace. I ponder, couple of years find an opportunity, to open a store or something. But for now, had to stay honest, even relationships can’t expect.
But the good year 30, her active invitations, let me a long time not stir in heart and a: whether it is a what kind of woman? Waves to waves, but more and more are curious. Handover good class, I return to dormitory for a casual wear, the heart slightly dancing, dial telephone her. 11 th floor 408, come. Recognize, her voice to look forward to.
This is a small family flats, one room one hall, decorate quite warm, she stood in the light the lamp of warm color attune, showed a bit murky. She is not really beautiful of that kind of, but have taste. A bottle of red wine ended, we each other to the life and have a probably understand: she’s like me, from his home to fuzhou in shaanxi province has exactly five years. In fuzhou a leisure centre, decent income, the days boring, with many years savings and bought a small family…
“You that work, it will be very vexed?” By some JiuYi, I asked.
“Survival just. Used to it.” She light way, “to earn some money, then sold the house, back to business to…”
“No… want here to talk about a friend,” a wedding?” I asked.
“Get married? Don’t consider. Only earn money is the most true. The other, as if all is false.” She did half a cup, heavy voice said.
“The Internet at ordinary times??” I noticed that her hall has a computer.
“After class, usually two hours to go to sleep. I also have a blog?” She said, stood up, and have the open computer click open, her blog is write pretty diligent, almost every day content, sometimes is little feeling, sometimes a little story. Generally maintain daily in more than 20 people.
“This is good, basically is all some people they don’t know is watching.” She said.
Are chatting, her cell phone rang, and she’s a colleague about her to play, said there has been a bunch of friends in waiting for her.
“Go to?”She cocked his head and asked.
I have class tomorrow morning, and, chief said, 30 afraid of accident, all security all don’t let leave village, to standby…… If a to must be another drink, certainly not in class tomorrow. So, I declined. Return to dormitory, I have some floating, may be because of the wine, also may be the night because of the accident brings, I have some wave.
3, the mood complicated, but I still when her boyfriend of five days
A mobile phone is in at five in the morning the ringing of the time. My first reaction was, the plot is what the urgent matter. But incredibly is her. She cry on the phone, says he is in the hospital, the head is broken.
“You can, on a… please, here I am no brother, also have no…… boyfriend……” She sobs.
I hurried to the hospital, she was lying on the bed, only one of her female the companion accompanied in.
“She’s a former old customer, said She is not obedient, drink wine, two people fighting up…… Then…… “She of female the companion explained, some wulitou.
She didn’t want to say any details, but to cry. Her female the companion might think I’m her new companion of boyfriend, right away. The hospital ward, and I am the only her. I don’t know what to say.
“Can you when I days boyfriend?” After a moment of silence, she suddenly way.
I was very surprised. Why?
“I have no…… all in the past five years, been in love before. I want to… to feel the, this several days rest, we go out to play, all the expenses, are made out to me.” She said.
“After the fifth, it’s my turn to rest.” I said, “I’ll accompany you and play, I just want to play two days which?” Her tears again come out.
“Do you feel my body have a special story?” She said that, with the innocent, and even hopeless of look in the eyes, that moment, I felt a pain. I’m all of her curiosity, disappearing at a draught. The rest is a special kind of complex mood.
Fifth day, her head injury has no further–fine, just with wine bottle rowed a scar. People, I accompanied her to go to the yongtai mount qingyun, the weather is not very good, but not affect our fun. Later, the drum mountain to climb mountains, flag and ate a lot of native soil duck. She sat in a scenic spot of the flag mountain rock, say, did not think of, fuzhou peripheral scenery is so beautiful.
4, when I began to miss her, but she disappeared
8, I started to work. She also began to work the night shift. As always in and out, at 2:30. I began to uneasy. I think if you in the miss one?
The eleven, something happened to my home, I get back to my hometown of jiangxi province. Two days later came back, the colleague told me that a woman sent a computer to me. Computer packaging well organized, lay in my dormitory.
I have an idea, she must be what happened. Indeed, to contact her, the mobile phone has shut down. My head suddenly big. To her 408 units already is empty. The next said, she had just moved house. Her house is already sold. I surf the Internet, click on her blog, but a few days down, her blog has not updated. I desperately message, but never reply. I finally found she had to work the leisure center, were told, she has resigned. All of the delay, just the work of a day. But I know, she and I in the limited time, is real, never was a dream. She has not heard from any to me, as if she that this person never in my life seen.

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