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The mother-in-law washes the bath to never wear underwear

My wife and I are from other places to shenzhen, male enhancement after so many years of struggle,Best male enhancement reviews finally have a house of his own, although the house is not big, Best natural male enhancement but we feel very warm, outside the wandering in the recent ten years, finally an home safe. But recently took place some things make me feel very depressed, son April this year was born, my wife asks her mother to shenzhen to help look after confined and children.

Now all in the past redeemed, and her mother are always here didn’t go back to, in the meantime I and my wife on the thing, but she is a naturally sensitive, feeling she didn’t let her go back to ideas, every time about the is displeased.

Actually I’m not that kind of male chauvinism, more is not abandon her mother. Just her mother at ordinary times in the life of our cause great influence. Buy food for a few hair penny and often somebody else quarrel, everywhere in the community drinks bottle pick up… These I had are all understandable, after all is rural women, my mother here too.

However, real let I collapse, she often don’t knock the door straight out to our room, two time my wife and I are in the room affectionate, at that time I really is very anxious to drill to bed, but she was like nothing more, also said I a man against what shame, and she is not a stranger.

Again, she night after bathing never wear bra, shouldn’t I see all clearly visible. Also, the toilet often when none of the bathroom door… Anyway, she usually very turbulent life, as I’m not a man, there also is not my home.

The sky will always blue teacher, these have been seriously affected my normal life work, this year is my promotion to a crucial period, but I evening all sleep not too good, I am a failing expression, and talked about the wife, but she said I was in the army by topic hair, make a mountain out of a molehill…… Trouble you help me, what should I do?

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