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The mother-in-law for have grandchildren go to set set eyes(B)

I also don’t want to get angry atmosphere too embarrassed, male enhancement pills he said oh, that could buy is such a kind of right, but I very clear, that firm eye a see be man-made. Let me finally confirmation is my mother-in-law stem of because she the second day morning meaningful and I said a words “condoms that things are not absolutely safe, accidental pregnant lot, ha ha.”
I found a condom on the box when a needle only two condoms, male enhancement pills reviews that is before we’ve used several of the condom just didn’t find a needle just,natural male enhancement pills my mother-in-law’s that means if I this month pregnant words also need not too surprised.
I was too careless, usually set set in the drawer of the night stand, and use commonly when it was night, and mind have never wanted to also can have such things to happen. B: I’m that month and not pregnant, from now on I will not so so so……. She saw a plan fails, and had an idea…
She seize all opportunities, even to my home to have good friends don’t pass, call somebody else’s advise me, said all the benefits of the children early, the older the disadvantages of production, do things to more of others, and so on, said she was 23 years old baby. What I have said is a great age, also don’t have children and so on. Back to my father and mother call lobbying.
My mother for the family harmony face she said promised to tell me about it as soon as possible to children, my mother-in-law like get decree, think I’ll get pregnant.
I was these it in a bad mood, I looked for my mother-in-law talk time, I said mom, I was a woman, a woman which have don’t want a children of their own, but to eugenic and superior nurture just good, I heard that women of childbearing age best is 25 to 30, I will give birth to a child, as soon as I take of your body and mind adjust to top form, and then gives birth to a baby.
My mother-in-law was very glad to hear it, but she seems to be a moment also can not etc, see I asked, do you think you can not bear this month, my menstrual cycles she very clear, recently I have a gynecological inflammation, tell her I this month a treatment inflammation, and she said that I find an excuse.
In short, I was this it get great distress, when I have children to my mother-in-law so important? To fair in to, for one thing, I really annoying my mother-in-law, really hate her.

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