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The love of precious memory

I like to husband buy clothes, male enhancement every time and girlfriends go shopping together have to buy back one two, once girlfriends said: “I have to give you knock the alarm!!!!! You dress up the husband so well that he looks and handsome, best male enhancement fear of being seized upon the others?” I punch the girlfriends, said: “you are a crow mouth! Forest (a pseudonym) is like that? I to he two hundred percent trust.”

“Your house forest outgoing, male enhancement pills reviews like photography, often on a business trip, you can guarantee that he clearly has been in?” Girlfriends: I’m not listening to, but the mind unavoidably shaky up. Heart a voice again and again consolation: can’t be… Forest not that man.

I and forest is university students, schoolmates, four years, although never do to each other, but the love for each other mutually understand without saying, I like his understanding, content, he likes the simple, I have talent. Graduation banquet respectively, through the forest to bring him to the courage of beer I tell the love. But of graduates is already do-or-die things, forest back to the hometown taian, while I stay in jinan.

In 1993, the communication is not convenient, where I am only take calls on the unit department house calls, call forest of long distance telephone all play to unit there or office. Every answer his telephone, all under the eyes, with some simple cant tell oneself of the flood of thoughts. Every week I can receive the forest to write the two or three letter, I will also regularly to write forest, send to my thoughts.

To this day, I still remember the most let I touched a thing. With him to work the backwardness of forest first monthly wages to buy me a dust coat, he a female colleague husband in jinan when the traffic police, and every day in jinan and traveled between taian, forest he sent the people to our unit in a dust coat. This thing in our unit once biography is implemented.

Forest tried, and finally, on two years later with shophach jinan. Just adjust jinan, he made his money had bought a old camera, as long as there is time we will go out to play, taking pictures, he said, is to compensate the two years we miss scenery, also want to give me leave some the memory of youth. Buy the first a camera from the forest, and to the present SLR, we change the dozen of cameras, computer and mobile hard deposit us all these years of all the photos.

Before marriage, we are the two did when he wrote letters, binding into two volumes, I for it carefully designed a cover, the forest has a very poetic name: “water thousand mountain through”. I will put our family photo album most reliable and safe place, each wedding anniversary, or conflict happens, as long as out of the two volumes love letter, tears and laughter will cure everything.

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