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The love between us

Our love is introduced by friends, male enhancement we love less than a year, male enhancement pills reviews the feelings have been good, is also ready to get married, but it came too suddenly, natural male enhancement pills and his mother is a little small for dispute. And over our feelings. Even very cruel hurt a little life into the world of the future.

He is as tall as I, only is the skin is white, so I called him a small white). Claiming that they saw a man love flowers saw the man, the facts? Sincerely to him much, is his personal by material please to friends. After all is interest relations and many friends. (he is a married female friends abroad to nanjing, please him to drink beer bar, request drink a bottle of a bottle of. He HuiQing going to the bar to the demand of myself, we go to the site, the number of rooms were six drinks are some good……. The left, the other side still took 24 bottles of beer. He finished the single walk again.)

He is a great party, have people is light long eyes not long is) can’t choose their cowardice is love. A lot of love for her family and give up. Mother said don’t of matter, he would never do. (once his mother also hinted tell me, how good his son, originally talk about girlfriend, as long as she didn’t like, he will let go). So he just know girlfriend, contact a period of time, the sense is good, total want to give her mother see, to know when to start fall in love.

That why we left? That and because what dispute and cause us to break up? Reason is that children who take problems? Come to think of it, a lot of friends will think, now want to so many isn’t too early? But their home don’t think so, think before marriage must get a lifetimes. Otherwise we are not allowed to get married. But his mother asked is really too much is really high. Before we meet the parents, because generations who take questions misunderstood. My family is not making will take, but said they also like children, but his mother has been tormented, worried that young children not to take with him. Even after requirements must have two children? His mother’s son not at home while often chat with me, general chat is his son how how good, the friend is how much (superficial interpersonal relationship), talk about how his son how good (for his old man’s house to give up much love story) his point break things will love the great achievements like the story to me said, seem very is amazing. Just talking of his son’s past history. Sometimes also hinted that I, she is the main characters in the home, for fear that his position was over others. His mother is apt to take our case on wedding photos of. What she said no to agree, his son is not and I as wedding photos. So we get along with the relationship between the for almost a year, in order to the love, I like the bad mind like a continue to pay to continue to live, in order to he once and I said a let me glad heart words (said his family how like the child, I hope I can understand. Dad was born not seen my grandfather, he was born also has not seen grandpa, hope he father can go his own desire, find something to see the baby) because he is a goat, HuNian baby for his career, not born late and bad. Because love him I made a big decision to rob was born NiuBaoBao, first son get married again able to his father’s wish. But not all my imagination of so simple. And family togeth is staged continuously. Just started his mom and I talked about the many requirements: said children born six months will bring their own, that I don’t bother about, take good care of the husband. What she said pregnancy is not live, say what do confined must jiangning back, can’t influence husband work, having children require us to separate the life. Also wantonly make public the rules of the house they cypress, (is very unfortunate how can have such family, too selfish) but I will use for the consequences of such sincerity. You are waiting for the appearance of the baby. But her mother always restless, asked a lot of skanky problem, ask us if it was still doing contraceptive measures, ask me how still not pregnant, very is skeptical, (pay me really a lot of a lot of, not married, carrying the eye of outsiders, desperate ready to a baby) I tell her mother we have done YunJian, and a sperm test didn’t do, at present it is normal. She is very the fire told me, son is begotten of him won’t have a problem. To put this behind in said that I have a problem. Let a person feel the heart be very painful.

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