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The husband said that I was too nice a month just to let me go out again

That day, male enhancement I quietly and go out to play together honey play, and finally a drink until ten o ‘clock at night I just the networking came into the house. Just go downstairs, best natural male enhancement pills they saw through the veil of blue ChuanShe give a downy light, in the heart immediately add a be hidden happiness.
Maiden honey hit me on the shoulder with a smile, “MeiEr old elder sister, you do. You see with, no matter how much you home late, there is always a lamp for you on, best natural male enhancement how romantic. Which like my house of that, I even to death, he won’t know outside, every time I came home, he is always constant snoring everywhere.”
My dynasty he was spat, “some thing you won’t understand it, you just saw a man GuangYan appearance, inside the RangZi you know? CaoMang one.”
Maiden honey is not take things, drivers that two pink typical small endowment the car walks away, leaving me a man stumbled upstairs, before I take out a key to open the door, she saw the automatic door open.
I see him, a face of YunSe, but the love dearly love, tearing apart without reservation on my face, a glance. I went into the bathroom, he also follow came in and looked at me without serious, mouth is, “you how I said behind?”
I said, “you a month just to allow me to go out once, I got to die at home?!”
He came up and embrace live my waist, serious watching me, and then the red circles, “you know not to know I this is for you, in the day before yesterday I see the news said a beautiful woman has been overcharged, rob, the color and was fatally kidnapping, now the community is a mess, I fear that any unexpected misfortune happened to you.”
“Besides, you never leave home, what do you need me to buy you, isn’t that good enough? Every day I was very busy, setting out early can’t waiting around you, you said that if you have an accident like, you let me with parents, how to account for the son.”
I said, “you this is an excuse, don’t think I married you is to your personal private property, I also have their own private space.”
His words, I know he has been really love me, do it for the safety into consideration.
I will not boast, be like me so of the beauty, outside and I will keep on the side of the road to the attention of those how, even so, I still don’t want to have this seemingly “rich too” day, I need a real life, like a real housewife that, to the vegetable market bargaining, digg a few cheap and fine living small decorations like, I need this little emotional appeal of life, but the husband but never understand me, he only know that just because someone doesn’t love me, with whole life to love me, but he there is to know? So love is essentially a narrow, more not polite, a selfish.

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