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The husband love love too “elegant” change the position to dawdle half a day

My husband and I have been married for three years, male enhancement pills but I’m sex after marriage is not satisfied. We are the friends introduced a year after the marriage, and the character of the husband and I have a great contrast. I am cheerful, he is too delicate.
Of course we couples still quite good of, her husband in life to I also very concerned about, top male enhancement although he sometimes in the way I have to accept,all natural male enhancement like talking nagging, trivial things also had no idea, but I know he’s feeling to me is sincere, so I could tolerate these small trouble, but I can’t stand his this character in the performance of the sex life of husband and wife.
Sexual life of her husband performance not only too “elegant”, and and in life, so too is exquisite, repeatedly asked my feeling, a change of way also to nag along while to say true intentions. I always feel he’s sex life is to understand a deviation, I really hope to be able to have natural and smooth’s sex life, but the husband and always appear sex pause, said when he will not ask this, talk about that. This state, I’m interested in sex more and more light, but he was always enjoy very high. I feel so go down, and the quality of our sex can’t improve, excuse me, how can we change the status quo?
The expert answers: care about you feel not wrong, the character can only learn to adjust
Her husband’s doing now, in addition to his character outside, may also and he was very concerned about your feelings about. He wants to make you happy, but not sure how to do to really make you happy. Now the related knowledge introduction also many, your husband likely it is to be the “sexual knowledge” of the influence, plus his personality, and it is now performance.
First you must be clear, the husband is good, next, want to tell him clear, how do you will really satisfied. But expectations husband immediately have obvious change is not reality, after all character is formed in the experience for many years, but you can help him a bit adjustment, the important thing is both sincere love each other, help each other.

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