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The husband infatuated with A piece of but don’t want to touch me

I this year, a 34-year-old husband 46 years old, male enhancement we got married in 09,Best male enhancement reviews belong to the left with the male female, are first marriage. Best male enhancement pills We other still good, is unsatisfactory sex.
Premarital cohabitation when still good, about every month a two sex life, after the marriage, sex is less and less, now we basically had no sex life.
In 2010 a year we be together no more than ten times, 2011 years is no more than 5 times, this year we only a one-time life. Just got married when I didn’t care about, then we business just started, very busy very tired, I think after that time will be good, have never thought it would be like this.
He is usually better than I slept late, many times I found him in the study watch pornographic movie side masturbation, we talked about a lot, he should not blame on your without minding my feelings, he always admit it, but is nothing changed. Every time I have need of time he said tired, and tomorrow, then without, every time about this fight is pale.
I want a divorce, but loathe to give up, we can to today is not easy, he also nothing except the bad habit, I don’t know what to do?
You and husband acquired meet way produced differences, your husband habit with pornographic movie masturbation, you long to get from husband, a lot, a bitter hope not, you feel like a hungry person helplessly looking at the closest to put the food away also don’t give yourself, the pain can be imagined.
The reasons for this cause I think it is two aspects, one is and he single years are linked. He more than 40 years old before marriage, from sexual maturity to married for many years have no legal stable partner, sexual desire to temporary he can only use masturbation to solve. Masturbation won him the pleasant sensation, repeated be strengthened, and finally form to pornographic movie dependence. He only through the pornographic movie to stimulate ability to arouse sexual ability, only to get to satisfy himself, other way he is not interested, can do nothing.
Two of his lack of appeal is you, or to sex you didn’t mean to hurt his sexual self-esteem, let him have the back down. The man is visual animals, pornographic movie of all kinds of beauty can meet the demand of the new men seeking sex, this is any wife can than. You can’t aroused his sexual desire, only pornographic movie can let him get satisfied. Japan AV industry so prosperous, it is the men have the be fond of.
The man is very care about the opposite sex sex evaluation, sex self-esteem and vulnerable, and sometimes do not a word of his wife enough to let him back down. Men about the age of 20, the most exuberant sex hormone secretion, and at the time of the relative ability is the strongest. Women about 35 sex hormone level is the highest, 30 to 40 years old is most dangerous of the year of the woman. His big you 12 years old, you got married when he had the man most exuberant period, and you with that year, will you accidentally have hurt him, let him hang back to you?
Whatever the reason, we have reason to that your husband is selfish. Sex have a variety of functions, do have the obligation to meet the husband wife sexual requirements. If he is the spirit is willing, but the flesh is understandable, he do this to you leave behind, apparently not fulfilling the obligation of her husband, his behavior should be rectified.
No matter what belongs to, hope you can patience and he communication, say what you need and look forward to. Avoid by all means is impatient, more haste, less speed. If he still is not change, can “dragooned into” he position. The first step, you must think of a way to cut off the network, force him to leave to contact the pornographic movie environment; The second step, change their image, try to play different gender role attract him, and put his attention upon you; The third step, boldly say your sexual needs and her husband’s sexual obligation, clearly told him, if he persisted you will let him DaiLuMao. Of course it’s purpose is to pressure him, if he CARES about sex loyalty he will change; Fourth step, patience, listen to his sex good, try to accept the way he liked it, and try to meet his preferences. May, when necessary, and his movie together, make clear his be fond of, and then use in bed between the first.
Of course, best can through the psychological doctor progressive treatment, has a medical professional help treatment more quickly and some up.
He can change, basically has never in his heart in your weight. If he is not willing to change for you, it is a good way to also useless. You don’t want to divorce, he would not change for you, you can only patience. The trade-off, marriage.

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