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Ten years ago the love letters “seconds and kill” marriage is fun

In order to a love letter to divorce?

Changes to say, male enhancement pills from the three months ago MengPing to attend her classmates and friend LiuXiaoLi wedding day count.Best natural male enhancement pills MengPing very early that day went to the LiuXiaoLi home help, I was responsible for borrow the car passenger, busy for a day, natural male enhancement pills go home I lie down to sleep, MengPing has been staying in the study, still locked the door, make be mysterious, the second day early in the morning, I see her eyes glowing, cry all swollen. Ask her why, she first told me ESheng thought he deserved to say, “it’s none of your business, give me go far point!”

From that day after, she won’t do the housework again; I had to work overtime to come back, she always in the sofa, waiting for the I, return to me ready food taken late at night, now not only have no food taken late at night, breakfast also don’t do.

Not only that, she asked me after work every day to meet her home, ask me to do the housework, and I get romantic with her. I repeated explanations I have in my hands several engineering design to do, don’t have the time to accompany her, but she by saying, “don’t you love me, that we are together? And what is the divorce!” To attack me. Every day is not crying is noisy, in such an environment I didn’t think about work. I also vexed, simply work overtime everyday, hiding with her. Between us more and have nothing to say, until a week and, MengPing suddenly moved back home. I to her home to meet her, she said what all not to come back. He said want a divorce. Ask her why, she threw me a letter, and said, how are you good look.

I carefully looked at the letter, that is ten years ago, I just know a MengPing when she wrote a love letter. Ten pages, I spent two nights. Think of youth were crazy, I got red in the face. But, this with us for a divorce have what relation?

And also, I remember that time, I give MengPing write the letter, later we fall in love, but she told me, she never received my letter. No matter how I persuasive voice, she said received a. Now, this letter how to come out?

Now I just want to know, MengPing how on earth? Why must not divorce? We have a room to a car, this year I’m going to have a baby, a plan with your children conceived of a woman can turn over face mercilessly to divorce, what’s up?

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