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Ten kissing skills

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Kissing is the love of men and women pass the manner of unspeakable feelings between them, is an expression in words, but to unite with the body language of the strong sex. Long, soothing, in-depth, warm kiss, no matter what kind, can give people the shock of the soul and romantic feeling. According to the survey, the love of both men and women, without exception, eager to kiss. For most men, they not only remember their first kiss of lovers, the details of his wife, they are also more sweet kiss has been accompanied in their emotional life.
The kind men like kissing both sides physically and mentally feel frank but in the act of kissing, they also have some little “taboo”. Understand the preferences of men kissing is the best way of close relations between the two sides.
Do not let the lipstick do “killer.”top male enhancement
32-year-old business manager Alin and his girlfriend feelings soaring, two months of effort has been to talk of marriage the point, but even Era Lin will sigh a sigh of suffering through. He complained that his girlfriend’s lipstick make people look very sexy, kiss, but with 100% lethality – which men would like a sticky greasy mouth kissing? Alin said, people very uncomfortable, there are nowhere near the feeling. Therefore, before kissing women best wipe or lick lips too thick lipstick, this action allows your lover to see better.natural male enhancement pills

2, to give him
A surprise attack
Cinema suddenly kissed him, or taking advantage of the crowded car of the gap, taking advantage of the empty of the parents are not careful, when suddenly give him a kiss, will make his surprise Cross, excitement intolerable. 30-year-old Wang Ping said: “time at home, ask a friend to dinner, my wife suddenly called me into the kitchen and said let me help handle me into the kitchen, she hugged me and kissed me warmly before I side out to entertain the guests handed me a plate of fruit. her kiss would come as a surprise, just let me flat-footed, so I was not able to make any response to that time, my more memorable and more excited to think that my wife “are extremely cute. “

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