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Small 3 force from success also ruined my daughter——Who makes baamz

However,male enhancement one woe goes and another comes, Best natural male enhancement is reading the daughter of three suddenly make and don’t want to study, and FangYi eureka moments of divorce, male enhancement pills reviews daughter of academic influence is very big, the result sharply, she simply to take an examination of the university for, secretly to skip class, not intentional to go to school.

I persuade useless, have to find to FangYi help, and, behold, they talk about father smile, my in the mind of a stone fell finally. On Monday, FangYi daughter accompanied to the school, less than noon, he drove the car came back, daughter also leaped surely sitting on the driver. “Not to go to school? How come back?” I have some wonder. “Dad said, and respect my opinion, let me accompany your business, and don’t want to do, go to his company work!” Say that finish, her daughter still MeiXinMeiFei to move things at home.

I a pull a daughter, asked her what happened, originally, FangYi not only not persuade daughter to for reference, also got a lemon, “friends went to the hospital to open a qualified doctor, who pretended illness need to stay in bed for daughter tutelage, for she did drop out from school formalities! “She’s so young don’t study, how can you have a future in the future?” The fact that his daughter quit school, I almost gas down. “She didn’t want to read, who forced all useless as let her exposed early to business, future will be good know the company’s business!” FangYi a table explanation, suddenly let my anger from smaller part, he offered to consider the problem of the daughter into, but also see that he is the father of the little responsibility, what is done cannot be undone, I have to accept the fact.

Three months later, the body shop business is on the right track, daughter at leisure, they set out to dad company do. Both father and talk about good conditions, the probation period pay 1500 yuan a month, ask her to express and other employees as well.

Suddenly a month passed, and one day, out the door in the daughter is very excited, said today is the day of the salary of hair, this is her life first income. I also feel happy for her, and in the evening, I get a desks, such as going to go home to have a good daughter celebrate, surprisingly, open the door, right against the face see that it is the daughter cry swollen eyes. “Father refused to give me my wages, I all the way from wuchang cry, he insists no hankou to let go to a penny.” “Dad ever said why?” “He said no money to me. In fact I know, since the company to work to WangJing aunt, to I am somewhat hostile, a few times, she filed a dad and you past, not only just nonsense, but also to you, but rude things about eye, often against her to help you speak, provoked aunt wang that you would step, I think very angry, she must not like me.”

FangYi promised daughter thing, can’t call back the it, in order to know the truth, I immediately called for saying to him. “Let her daughter to company work really is my idea, but I don’t know WangJing reaction was so large, she said his former wife just went, sent a daughter come when look line, I this kind of practice, let her very insecure.” Here, FangYi seems to some unbearable stress. “You replace consideration for my difficulty it, and don’t come after her daughter company to work, help, you should also find their happiness, don’t talk to me at the old……”

FangYi hang up the phone and then shutdown settles. I can gas silly, but can’t give my daughter a replacement. She is so young, no school, no job, more excessive is, in a FangYi under’ve tampered with, her heart was wild, again is not willing to go back to school, a divorce with two children head didn’t landing, this all who sin!

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