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Small 3 force from success also ruined my daughter——Divorce of truth

Divorce of truth

So all right, male enhancement after divorce also be a friend, FanBuZhao make chicken fly a dog to jump silos.

However, after divorce first day at work, All natural male enhancement a strange woman unexpected visit the company, she checked the work week a tour, see me after, suddenly looks great changes, as anger turn left.

The little girl secretly told me that, the woman that WangJing, Best male enhancement pills I used to have in the absence of the company for several times. WangJing? The familiar names, like listening to FangYi mentioned a few times.

In the afternoon, FangYi metal gray face back to the company, claim to it up, turned over a few pages later, he pointed to a place small trouble, in the presence of all the people face snapping at me out, says I work is not careful, do zhang can’t see clearly.

That night at home, I carefully wanted to think, it is WangJing is not FangYi first love?

Remember the end of last year, FangYi visit her mother-in-law’s back, worried to tell I said, he met WangJing in blocks of the elder sister, and two people freely gets a few words, and found that WangJing early unit from laid-off, miserable situation, now down to the point where CaiChang in selling steamed stuffed bun, more awkward is, her husband outside not fooling around, like drinking a hit at home. And I had to game ahead said, WangJing neighborhood was his first love, two people for two years before, and found that WangJing well, he was subbed.

Just what I thought, two days after a late in the afternoon, the FangYi made a big bag of the steamed stuffed bun came back. “I go today CaiChang find WangJing, such a cold day, she pushes car, sit at the crossroads iron ShouTanZi, both hands froze the purple, wrapped his head with an old woman like……” Here, FangYi eyes be suffused with red, nearly didn’t drop tears. “I give her the steamed stuffed bun all buy down, go to the company points, with some part of the house.”

In order to assist WangJing, FangYi three days and two head to go and help her to sell goods on a commission basis steamed stuffed bun, sometimes, with her to go out to improve meals, steal to give her money. These after, FangYi are said to me, I see in the eye, but few interference, I know FangYi is a heavy feelings of the people, and let him go.

Which know, trust in him but destroy our marriage.

A haslong been

For three days, FangYi have nothing to financial room pick of my problem, I strike table for breaking things, the manner is very clear, clear is to chase me away.

Can’t continue to be wronged gas, after work that day, I stayed, who exposed in succession after FangYi plugging in the office. “Let me stay in the company of the work is you, you now do this for me, why is it?” I try to calm down, want to find out why.

There was a long silence, see hide but I cross-examine, FangYi internode simply poured beans, truthfully bring one, “and you divorce, all be WangJing force of…… at the beginning, I sincerely help her, but she just wrapped up in the I, said the man had never felt warm, say the voice tears accompany bottom, then, I at that time make careless, and she happened, she did it for the relationship between coerce, said I don’t divorce, took things to tell her that rogue husband listen to……” The truth solid say, the king Jing to the company saw you, in the mind very annoyed, say me to do financial ex-wife, the company’s income conditions are not by his former wife a master? She is not willing to, so make you go… ”

I was in tears, now that the company has to stay on, I strong stay here again have what mean? “I know what I am sorry you, as my mother and daughter to you vote for money, you do have a business, or income……” Before I left, FangYi compensation scheme are given, finally I completely out of the company.

After several months of location, negotiation, I finally opened the investment beauty shop, I kept the store and use it as the dependence of the life, be sure to make a success.

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