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Small 3 force from success also ruined my daughter——A model couple

A lot of people are saying, male enhancement pills I and FangYi are a model husband and wife, Best natural male enhancement pills middle-aged also out of double into,Best male enhancement reviews hand in hand for a walk by the lake.

This is true, I can identify more with the other words, husband and wife get along with, each other congenial temper to go further. I and FangYi is introduced by the people of, at the beginning of the love, FangYi is a spotless good lover, delicate sentiment, disposition romantic. Size festival, he never forget to buy me gifts, wedding anniversary, birthday, he often makes all sorts of little surprise, made home like a little magic theater. These habits for more than ten years are like a day, even married after more than ten years, and every valentine’s day night, he will hold back to a bunch of delicate and charming be about to drip rose.

No way, FangYi born to live in a world of fantasy, fire to the love, the life of fantasy adventure. In the other woman, maybe this husband will be the best, but I am a independent, like having a personal space, these little children feelings for me, is suffering greatly. In the family circumstances difficult year once, he spent money buy flowers are often I good meal \ 000 talk; Visits, I attended two people together very resist; Go out on weekdays, I more annoying street in hand hug the waist of disgusting act… Can say, we are a pair of alien planet from different biological, with less than go together.

Noisy after more than ten years, the divorce, FangYi always protested, who also didn’t take it seriously. Later, our company’s a trade partnership, each have each after the heaven and earth, even the fight became don’t have time.

Earlier this year, I suddenly in always quiet home sensed an atmosphere of strange.

That day, I was cooking in the kitchen, green vegetables it, press the habit, I go toward inside drop a few drops of oyster sauce. Who knows, the standing to the side FangYi suddenly angry, the GuoChan crashed a sound fell on the ground, and I noisy up and said I was a selfish woman, cooking on your taste. I feel some wrong, these days, he often send the uncontrollable rage, he how was this? Didn’t she could think twice, I have been FangYi TouGai face of reprimand angrily to spread to scold dizzy head. “What’s come over you?” My voice a few choice. “Why, don’t want to had is right, that divorce!” FangYi seems to come. “From is from, who can depend on you not to become.”

I also tired, make nearly three months, can not stand for three of the five times over, I signed the agreement on a divorce. See me such generous, FangYi seems guilty up to see with my daughter in the sake, he allocated house property, pay a sum of damages, also offered to let me continue to in the company as a financial, good have a professional maintenance livelihood.

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