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Sister not by legitimate boyfriend abandon say still believe that love

Recently,male enhancement the circulating on the Internet a “sister lotus defeat by small three divorce six years to raise children alone,” the rumours, which is very curious insider, yesterday, sister lotus to a reporter to interview, All natural male enhancement she not only admit not by legitimate abandoned her boyfriend, best natural male enhancement and at the same time, the truth still believe in love.
Marriage is not protected by law
The lotus brother-in-law “composition hand fuse
Sister lotus has revealed that the lotus and brother-in-law and didn’t get a marriage license, “because it was too popular, he had to give me a hand HunShu, didn’t dare go to public license.” But she also stressed that “no
Marriage is the marriage, this some have everything, just sent a paper official proof. ”
However, the good time to sister lotus have never thought of is, after myself famous, her boyfriend is very great pressure, and by a song “lotus brother-in-law” lyrics sarcastic ridicule, two people can’t also in public, even in together, boyfriend and assumed a very cool attitude, only home will very much in love, sister lotus think this give small three intervention manufactured the chance, “because a lot of women in furong brother-in-law is very curious, would like to sister lotus man feel adventurous.”
At first, sister lotus and did not find any clue, just curious why boyfriend repeatedly to work overtime, “I also virtuous to busy urged him to go to work overtime, don’t be late. But his work overtime was dating small three upon dense. Also with butterfly dream, betrayal, the mandarin” disgrace “is one thing after another.”
Talk about the process of catch the treacherous, sister lotus will not say more, but sadly says: “when he constantly work overtime, I still immersed in the us in the home of conjugal love lingering, until one day a accidental discovery, I just want to make up a body blow, one too late.”
Once wanted to use the child to stay
Boyfriend forced a paternity test
Sister lotus said they thought that the child is the crystallization of the love, can let feeling more stable, have never thought the last been hurt children. She took the ground to say: “the ‘divorce’ children, are the most unfair.”
When two people feeling burst, sister lotus has discussed her boyfriend and ownership of children, again to her surprise, her boyfriend said the child is not their own, “he let me give birth to the child to finish paternity test after another, carrying the child go to court to find him a lawsuit, even if the kids is his, and he doesn’t want to tube, the law can get him how wear.” This remark let sister lotus feel was strange. At that moment, she also be thoroughly.
Mention that feeling hurt, sister lotus said once thought she world have collapsed, “to face the empty house, I burst into tears, there are too many unwilling and perseverance. Heart feel uncomfortable is going to do the housework, and constantly kneeling on the ground floor, wipe all corners are rubbed flashing. Is tired to taking a side beat cried aloud. The water side period is doing the host, ten minutes of programs, I very not fit, often must record four or five hours also records the not over.”
Still believe that love
“Do I half pressure will be very big”
Now the single sister lotus, although had failed feelings, but she emphasized that he still believe in love, “not because a leaf fall is to ignore the entire forest and brilliant. Not the underfoot in a love go the tomb, I still have the happiness of free after butterfly. So, I feel very lucky.”
But she also do their own the other half exclamation pressure will be very big, “the misunderstanding of the outside world to me how much I praise for, or how high pressure, he be big. People in the attention on the stage of the glamorous sister lotus, more want to peep and enjoy sister lotus hidden behind the man have more magical. And he is just a regular guy, but too much of the criticism over and temptations, choose a woman to the arms of also unavoidable.”
However, sister lotus think, if want to find a truly know yourself, or the need to find in circles. But artists really circle of friends are very narrow small, want to have with really difficult. “Maybe one day I will meet.” She said with confidence.
Once tried to commit suicide
Now entire career ambition
On a relationship of dramatic experience, once let sister lotus deep depression, more attempted suicide, “many times I want to take part in the dazzle cruel death surrounded, not wake up.” Family is together with several desire to collapse, talking about there are currently no be urge marriage, sister lotus said: “they have hope someone would give me a warm embrace, give me a happy family stability, again afraid but after my people not by the greed cheating the color spectrum, money. The last of my family marriage chose the unwinding of the attitude, let nature take its course.”
The sister lotus realized, the business to his all, asked what was busy recently, she confidence to say: “busy making new song, the last time the daughter feeling” blockbuster, violent wind red music scene, let netizen to know the different sister lotus. We are looking forward to the new songs, looking forward to the issue of ear was again sister lotus sweet song deep feeling drunk.”
She enthusiastically to the reporter draw the outline of the cause of the territory–first of all, the suspension of three years of sister lotus healthy psychological welfare hotline to open up, with their own legend inspiring experience and life feeling, to help users placatory heart of puzzles and sorrow; Then, will play, the theme of the homing public micro movie, make public figures social value maximization, let oneself inspiring the memory of the goddess again on one building.
Famous bitter memories experience
Currently only a foot waist’s seven
From the original is regarded as a joke to today’s inspirational goddess, sister lotus this all the way walk was not well, memories had been at the days, she said, “was very angry with very passionate, and really can’t tolerate the dismissal of the outside world, very anxious to heart out to see. The results to net a fight to black and blue, pain in the neck.”
Now of she mentality slowly calm come down, believe that stay, there is hope, “as long as I live, I will feel very lucky to have the opportunity to continue to pursue his dream.”
Through the motion to reduce weight successful sister lotus has revealed he is currently only a foot waist seven, to adapt to the environment also sends entertainment circle, she penned classic way: “I love to belong to own stage, very not easy, the netizen mature, reason, and going a little less, I have time to do his own business. I can’t advance

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