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ShiHun after half an year boyfriend suddenly boom I go

This is the so-called “meet people don’t accomplishment”, male enhancement pills even if has a “first sight of the odds of the world. So what? In love, women easily amblyopia. The nature of things, actually be clear at a glance. Best natural male enhancement pills She is to ignore, always think they meet extraordinary. Until, had to admit-the crows in black. A man or men BoXing role,male enhancement pills reviews women still have the beginning and deserts of fate. History, a striking resemblance.

A: how to look, how like a wife and mother. Speaking of dangerous, even walk all afraid of stamp on the ant. To ChengHaiFeng obey, will he take care of no trouble back at home. A: not the big five minutes, YiLaiShenShou miss, just ChengHaiFeng against her work out: “that some money to earn? Stay there, concentrate on doing the housework.” In this form by men “raise”, a sandy without objection.

Women lose economic sources, attached the desirability of man? Although, the traditional Chinese concept is male the Lord an indoor life. Today, this kind of practice fully won’t work. A: don’t go for it, also lazy dispute. At best, they are in ShiHun; Saying offensive point, they are in the cohabitation. Both, no material difference. The reason ChengHaiFeng grandstanding: “good, meet with live difficult. First ShiHun, lest the future regret.”

Which have what regret, the ChengHaiFeng of bashan ni a delaying tactic. He is busy with social parties, habit, setting out early. Sheshan ni often wait until midnight, will serve a drunken boyfriends. She is like a senior nurse, the burden of hard work. In addition to the necessary living expenses, ChengHaiFeng not a cent. Private savings? From the home of bashan ni bring with tens of thousands of, be ChengHaiFeng cheated out of sweet words. Give everything they just calculate and love very stupid.

Thought and valleys will be everlasting. ShiHun tried the whole, redeemed of bashan ChengHaiFeng’s tired of getting worse. Sheshan money have been generation into the role of his wife, ChengHaiFeng but hope she or lover’s identity. Two people’s standard, unknowingly changing. This is not usually think habit, but the silence of death is not outbreak. ChengHaiFeng which meeting freewill was sheshan ni commitment, he want a thorough over.

That day, he will call to a sandy before. His tone weird: “you say, let’s do after?” “We?”A: no psychological preparation, she is still in the kitchen busy evening meal. “ShiHun so long, this is the time to end.” Sheshan ni heart a rapture, finally no venga. She slightly shy: “then?” She thought, cheng hai summit to his suit. This, she is already a long time of hope.

“We break up!” This one out, was a bolt from the blue. Sandy’s wrong to doubt: “break up?” That is, the greater the disappointment, sandy ni meng. “Yes! All the spending these days, let’s lay open. Just gas, water, and electricity, rent, property management fee. The other, I’m in.” Can you say to change? Even not enough room to swing. “I do business, equivalent to pieces in urgent need of money.”

“Have no?” ChengHaiFeng know sheshan’s distress. “I will house lease out, save some costs. My elder brothers, next week will live in.” “Me?””You are a woman, stay convenient. To give you a few days, you find a place to move out.” “The peak, I……” “Saddam is not a close to, go to the truth. This, you should understand?” “My money?” “Calculate calculate, offset.”

ChengHaiFeng even away with beat, and bashan ni peremptory became the people out there. This world, also too funny…

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