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She and three men feel together(C)

The second came into my life of man is “a little boy,”male enhancement he is my little 4 years old, but are 4 cm taller than me, because we this small “episode” often brought joking, best natural male enhancement pills saying the two together, “offset”, said two people is “best partner”.
“The little boy” is still very simple, in a enterprise do inside publish editor. Love of the day, I taught him almost how concerned about me, take care of me.
At that time, he lives on the first floor of the Great Wall building a small house, the door of the cage having a very lovely dog. Every day after work, I will run to his dormitory, natural male enhancement and “the little boy” bring the dog to play the grass. Play to 11 PM, oneself to go back to the dormitory.
At first, he doesn’t know how to send me. I told him to take me to the bus station, you can go home; Wait until he will go back, and I felt better than he is big, should send him back, so send sent, finally one day, I simply to send into his dormitory.
In my “little boy” living together with the days, no fight, and each of the busy, sometimes in a day or two together, sometimes until this weekend live together. I feel he is like my younger brother, and he also feel I’m more like his big sister, always a bit polite to me.
After more than two years, also is in March 2002, he was general manager recognition, promoted an assistant to the general manager. They is a company with the size of the company, the assets of more than 2. That year, he only 26 and I have 30 years old.
This time, my job is more and more unpleasant, I had resigned, stay at “home” to find work in side side serve “little boy”.
However, at this time I didn’t realize, I can’t stand their colleagues eyes that look-they will put me to death it insults, and always behind the ji ji slanting said their assistant general manager with others are different, the somebody else is a small honey, he is keeping an “old women”.
In fact, “the little boy” and did not abandon me, but I feel that the day is very awkward, this combination is not harmonious, like guitar a string of loose, tone is not harmonious, always feel comfortable. I am a woman of self-esteem, and this section may start is a love a mistake, so I began to review their, is also intended to avoid him.
One day, I summon up courage to tell him, this broke up, otherwise this continues, string will be broken. He doesn’t agree with, but I resolutely left him.

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