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Sexy woman wearing a skirt

The clothing is carefully selected by the women for men “implied sex”. According to the United States Men’s Health magazine recently reported that, for women, choosing a partner should choose how to display their start. Once you have read the “secret language”, hidden in the female clothing, the men will be better able to judge the lovers passed out sex signals.top male enhancement reviews top male enhancement
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Waist fitted skirt

Wearing a charming waist fitted skirt, mean that women want to reflect the beautiful, feminine and full of style. From the Chu better slender story, to the 19th century corset fitted, as well as the 20th century, tight fitted, which show the truth: the slender willow strongly attracted the eyes of men.

Fisher, associate professor of psychology at the University of Santa Maria, Canada, said: “The female curve is mainly manifested in their waist-hip ratio, which in turn depends to some extent the level of estrogen.

Therefore, it is like to highlight the waist of the woman, inadvertently sent out a message: Welcome and I struck up a conversation. “Nath College, Georgia, USA, Science, Culture, assistant professor of psychology Steven said:” this dress is the most attractive men. They will intuitively realize that this woman fertile to a more healthy and robust offspring. ”

Low V-neck T-shirt

Women to wear such clothes may be thinking: Do you like what you see? Give me your love. Studies have shown that women close to ovulation, wearing more sexy.

Texas State University researcher Christine said: “single women dated other people who pay more attention to this physiological changes. Them to do so is to attract Prince Charming.”

High-heeled shoes

It can raise the hips, lengthen the leg line. For men, with a fatal attraction.

University of Louisville psychology expert Kanan Ning said: “If a woman is wearing high heels and you walk through the streets, it undoubtedly contains two signals: First, please appreciate my beautiful back; Second, I did not come and you shopping, find a place to sit down and talk about it. ”

A red dress

The Kanan Ning pointed out that the red is the color of passion, that people like friends, and hope to attract more attention.

Moreover, they are confident, eager to become the focus of attention. Faced with such women, the “most beautiful” is a compliment never fails.

Warm, soft sweater

Women to wear such clothes thinking: Expand your hands to hug me.

Fisher believes that women are dressed in soft, easy to touch the clothing in the show they are gentle, feminine rather than aggressive. “This is a subtle and veiled sexual invitations are often fascinated by men.”

Clairvoyant outfit underwear looming

This is to say: look at my shoulder, my sexy lingerie. This is an explicit sexual invitation, men should grab the opportunity.

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