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Sexual desire plummeted, the serious influence husband and wife life

Many women in the spare no effort to build their own bone beauty, even from this arises extreme with anorexia or the severe malnutrition. The dangers of excessive weight loss many, Best natural male enhancement and one very important and easily neglected harm is: a dramatic decline in sexual desire, male enhancement pills reviews which seriously impact the husband and wife life.

The lack of estrogen loss to fat

Women excessive weight loss or itself too bone, best male enhancement pills certainly will mean subcutaneous fat little, hormone level is low, at the same time, such people probably because of physiology cycle effects induced by hormone levels and menstrual disorders and even amenorrhoea wait for a phenomenon, and plump women are less appear this kind of problem.

Estrogen is women maintain their own “charm” source, it belongs to steroid hormone, and fat cells is its stores. Thin body fat women for lack of, will lead to the loss of estrogen, practical and the female sex hormone estrogen, so will affect women libido and sexual function. Expert introduction, adult women if the body fat percentage drop to 17% of your body weight, may occur menstrual cycles of disorder, the sexual appetite decrease, sexual indifference, asexual disease, not ovulation, the phenomenon such as infertility, even if accidental pregnancy also easy to abortion, or low IQ, low birth weight, congenital CanJiEr.
Enough fat for sex “escort”

A high quality of sex no less than one game or a long run, it shall establish in both husband and wife the basis of energetic, and once it’s lack of nutrition, not enough energy for consumption, the quality of sex is likely to be limited. In addition, women are too thin and too fat, and could lead to a sexual attraction insufficient.

Women keep the body have plenty of fat and cholesterol is very necessary, this will not only ensure the estrogen level in normal, and not the endocrine disorder appear, at the same time also can well maintain female charm, and for healthy and harmonious sex ‘escort’, let a female can have the desire and effort into them.

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