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Sex experts recommend six private language

Sex secret 1: stimulate PS points

Look carefully oh, male enhancement pills it is about PS point, G point was last century of things!

What is the PS points? male enhancement pills reviews Is in the vaginal internal just to G point is that area.

“PS” is in fact “perineal sponge” (perineal sponge body) is the abbreviation of, this is one is full of nerve erectile tissue, in be stimulation will erect, and, you must want to know is, natural male enhancement the more like the larger regional manual stimulation.

So, you need to let him put his hand to make full use of up to serve you, believe me, this is an unforgettable experience the wonderful.

Sex secret 2: try to lubricant

Not try lubricant? Maybe you can have a try, it absolutely is a woman of the Gospel.

It only takes a little bit of high quality lubricants, not only will not to enjoy, still can enhance sexual sensitivity, extend the time, prevent the condom sex tear, and so on, so that your sex life change yo.

You know, your body can natural secretion lubrication liquid actually will be affected by many factors, such as water to drink too little, pressure, taking the pill and so on, therefore, in order to can enjoy more comfortable sex life, you really need to prepare ourselves for a bottle of lubricant.

Sex secret 3: wear a sexy underwear

Maybe those sexy underwear wear in the body will have so little to itch, there will be a bit uncomfortable, but they can really make you become abnormal sexy, especially ones that no’s cup Bra!

Of course, if you really don’t like these sexy underwear, also can besmear on sexy red, put on the charm with fine high heels. When they and your business is installed collocation are together, there must be a special allure.

Sex secret 4: and he together as one movie

Adult film is actually the best interest toys, also etc. What, quick and he together and enjoy! Relax, followed in the movie picture together before the start of the play, try the queen game.

No man can refuse to do so, it will enhance your passion for sex.

Sex secret 5: frank you need

Tell him you want “faster” or “lighter”, when he is on your ear asked gently you “like?” Don’t against his will say “like”, put your real need to say come into the pleasant sensation in the first place, he really loves you so personally give directions.

Believe me, this “frank” you in his eyes have incomparable sexy glamour.

However, to remind you is, the so-called “frank” does not include “criticism”, nothing love love “criticism” more life-denying killjoys, even if he really did what you don’t like to work, and you are to say: “in fact, I’m more like you do that……”

Sex secret 6: don’t disguise the climax

Do you think it is your responsibility to meet? So you fully engaged in this? But once you have not reached its climax, but you think it is their own fault, feel the pressure, can only pretending orgasm? Do this really has no purpose, sex became instead a task and not enjoy!

And he never understand what way you like. You have to understand, sex not necessary with so strong purpose, you just need to relax and enjoy enough, as for the result, far from you think so important!


Never in bed do ─ ─ talking about work, and household

Don’t ignore it, don’t discuss the work in bed or housework, don’t let those possible negative emotions takes advantage. Want to know, to some extent, the wonderful sex is actually far from reality.

Therefore, the bed of topics to avoid secular and upset things, to a little romance and little sex appeal.

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