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Partner value relative unchangeable love sometimes have to do some compromise

You know why men like a virgin? male enhancement Is precisely because the virgins to man’s sex ability no comparison, met a adequately also can only live with life, Best male enhancement reviews saying the man long see lotus, began to feel peony beauty; And the woman right, if never seen lotus, Best natural male enhancement will feel water lily beauty. In this scenario, the man’s reproductive interests can get maximization, DaiLuMao risk a lot less.

And women to male sexual ability not sure, it is easy to hurt the feelings of between two people, don’t think that a “don’t mind” can soothe caught him and you, this fools languages, you can’t make themselves believed, and let alone was to sensitive him? I think you get along with the current way is not correct, on the one hand, you feel lost, be wronged, if he gave you more other favourable conditions or appease, maybe your relationship can continue; But in fact, judging from you describe, he is better than you need more conciliatory of that one. And the point is that the most terrible, male sexual abilities will seriously affect his parent-child certainty and uncertainty is male parent by derailed the key. When his instinct to notice your in May he cuckold son, his emotions can also have the change. From you this situation to see, he is a virgin you not a virgin, itself a little dangerous, plus you abandon his sexual ability, I estimate he derailed in the future possibility is very large. And it is just can ruin you’ve looking for “safe”.

In addition, I want to say a few words of honest, the man’s male hormonal secrete exuberant, would like to participate in male competition, manly, sexual ability strong, smart and funny these are BanShengWu. And hormonal not so strong man, for the woman will fully, but its not was necessary completely with a bed for kung fu, because without too much necessary. In other words, a male one likable, that will not for a woman preparation. You look at the huge bite marks and combat in winning the seals, which side is not the wife qie become a cluster, ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign hero side never without countless beauty. You expect a man what all good and only focus on you a person, like a chess player expect lifetime and you one person to play chess, we wouldn’t be reality not reality, but at least DianDian do you have this strength. Say these is thinking of you understand that, in many of the personality ability man, and he does so advantages, not to you with single mind, because your partner value put in there, in the other man’s eyes and heart. Your ideal that man, to be frank, you don’t have the ability to HOLD him. So if you don’t accept the personality of the man some weak ability, then in degree or economic conditions with the make concession, you always want to in some way a compromise. And because you want to get married, you still have to make concessions.

Of course I know this is difficult, but marriage is a market, more than you want to get married, also more than a man wants to marry a wife, before you a “deal” talks collapse, the other side would not and you have fully to business, and also have no other people are willing to JiePan you open the offer, then you should consider reducing the price by, cut the price by not you settle for second, but you consider other competitors and willing to make choices of the market. In addition, if you JiShou today, that will surely have to reduce your price. Unless you know, speaking of you now this is not a a deal, you will only harmony between. If you don’t think this is a win-win situation, but feel injustice, that early as possible to give up. Because the situation would only worsen won’t get better. Because sex life not harmonious this matter, was good, 40 years old to you when you so concerned. Personally, I suggest you break up with him now, but I again: unless the facial plastic surgery, money, or completely change character weakness, or one’s partner value is relatively constant most of the time, you should choose personality strong ability of some, then he probably will send some other aspects. Well thought preparation, don’t think after up and regret.

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