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Orgasm can alleviate pain

Headache? Maybe all you need is love. Love.male enhancement pills “There is data shows orgasm can relieve pain, including all the pain of arthritis, postoperative pain, Best natural male enhancement pills even when the pain of childbirth,” LisaStern said, she is a has already got the master of nursing registered nurse, natural male enhancement pills in Los Angeles, family planning as a nurse practitioners.

The main principle is to orgasm, the body will release a called oxytocin chemical composition. Oxytocin can promote glue, relax, inspire other positive emotional state. But even if she recognized sex can relieve pain, but still points out the fact that, previous studies showed that an orgasm reduce pain is temporary, usually lasts for 8 to 10 points.

“Condoms” does not affect the quality of orgasm

If you still worried about using “condom” will not affect climax, don’t worry! “No matter with or without condoms women will have high tide, so forget to wear a condom is no way is very Good make love It,” said dr Debby Herbenick, she is indiana university researchers have, at the same time, Because It Feels Good is the author of the book.

In fact, wear a condom, men will not have to worry about shooting too early and keep out, so can let a couple in love in love with spend more time. The men who think if you wear a condom can’t feel, in love before love, might as well to appropriately increase the first play, so he would also be able to happy.

Nearly 30% of female difficult to orgasm

If you’ve ever to climax there is trouble, you are not the only one. According to family planning statistics, three women inside one of the climax time during sex is difficult. At the same time, 3.80% of women in the climax to masturbate.

In fact, make love through the penis stimulation or drug therapy can promote the climax. Can not reach the climax of the female sexual dysfunction is very common, according to the survey show that more than 43% more, and it has become a hot topic of debate recently, also cause the medical investigation. For some women, testosterone therapy or some oral drug will be a must, but few drug treatment will have of reliable evidence in support of them.

Due to the female sexual dysfunction may be with some medical conditions related, so go to see the doctor excluded thyroid disease, depression disease or diabetes and other diseases.

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