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New wife in bed is fierce than men

My wife is a budding budding skating master.male enhancement pills I and she is in met on the skating rink. Best male enhancement reviews Then I was in high school, one night and the elder brothers on the carpet eat hot pot, drink a little wine, Best male enhancement pills interested in ideas to play billiards beside skating rink. When contacted torrez skating is in there, I can’t help but see her one eye. With dynamic music, my heart moments captured by her.

When contacted torrez skating abnormal beautiful, every gesture is so natural and unrestrained charming. I immediately to body uncomfortable for reason, gave up and friends playing billiards, quietly to run to the rail of the skating rink see budding she contacted skating. There are a lot of people on the skating rink, of course she won’t notice me. But I was always a very dedicated to people, if the girl like meet her, after e-mailing oath not to give up.

After half an hour later, bud bud finally stopped, as if the phone looks like. I took the opportunity to run rapidly in the past and bud bud strike up a conversation. But she swore and a meal. Her speech was so rude to me, and even some rude. I not only have no angry with her, instead of her even more fascinating.

From then on, every day I will promptly came to see contacted torrez skating. Every time she see me deliberately to avoid it. But I perseverance, every day for her to buy a drink, and I hope that she can say a few words, even if be scold me well.

Maybe for the sake of Japanese living feeling. Afterwards, she finally willing to teach me skating. For this reason, I do use two months of living expenses bought two pairs of expensive skates, a pair of gave her, a pair of for myself. Although she rejected, but I was so excited. As with the advanced, I contacted torrez also had some understanding. In fact I know her at that time, she just brokenhearted. The mood is very bad. She was in a bad mood, like a person skating, to release the heart trouble.

When she knew that I was not “fish in troubled waters” and she would like to happen bad relations, of my attitude ease many. After all, the girl’s heart or weak. If you really pay, will gain. Her family lives in the city. My family came from the countryside. Family background far. We unexpectedly is a school students, only two campus were placed in it.

Know bud bud before, I study result or extraordinary. But bud bud like don’t love learning. Her father in the city opening two supermarket, still investment several clothing store, is a real big boss. But for 4 years ago has an affair, and her mother divorced. From then on, bud bud began to fall. She crazy to fall in love, cut class, and a group of mob ran to the bar, KTV self-indulgent…… Know her story, I love have to cannot help wanting to tears.

Bud bud like a beautiful angel, waiting for me to care. To her, I waste studies. She soon I produced strong engendered. Those who want to play with her boys too much. I was her first to meet her pay the true love of the boy. As expected, we both the university entrance exam failure. Soon, we get married. Her father pay in the city bought us a very luxurious house.

But their married life, and I imagine it far. Bud bud way of life and I are at opposite poles. Her wedding night on the same day, she not only with sexual consummation, also gathered a group of friends, going to the bar to carnival. I accompanied her to play great reluctance to midnight. Her those male friends are all in society is the infectious some yellow hair, style of decent people, in alcohol under anesthesia, bud bud and they embrace, dancing, or even a kiss. Sat in the corner, I froze.

Honeymoon at that time, the bud bud older nymphos sure know how to do STH over and over again I. Make every day I exhausted. In fact, her parents’ divorce blow to her too big. She wanted to live with his mother, but mother afraid of her be wronged, just don’t agree. She kind of the loneliness of being abandoned. Over the years, only and others carnival and indulgence of the time, she won’t feel pain. For our marriage, in her eyes, is a game, and in my eyes, is all to me.

No matter how I exhortation, comfort to be contacted torrez did not help. Our love is only temporary relief of her pain a episode. Every day I like servant wait upon her. Including our husband and wife life, as long as she wants to, older nymphos sure know how to do STH over and over again I will, than a man is fierce. I can’t let her satisfy, her to have a bad temper today, savage unreasonable, scold me false niang, loser, then deserted me.

Between us, in addition to the outside her stiff dialogue, no too many exchanges. So of the day it is going to make me fall collapse, I really love deeply a bud bud, she even if such a cruel to me, I will accompany her to the end, no matter how others scold me make mean, I believe one day she will understand, only love her, will pay all for her.

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