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Nagging to hurt you will happy marriage

Find her husband begins an affair, male enhancement wang shan’s trembling with anger, and her husband does not know how many fighting back, one day,top male enhancement she went into counseling program, best natural male enhancement pills and cried tears to scold up to her husband.

The wife said

“The husband, he too without conscience, nothing in the world is he more bad more no heart man……. I don’t know he was paid for. Because his home, and it is a poor rural poor boy, my parents don’t agree, I didn’t abandon him, break through a variety of resistance and he together. After marriage, we’re a family again trying to raise some money for his open small factory. I am at home with child, to take care of them, but he outside, in love with another woman common, also want to and I divorce. He killing the thousand knifes of……”

Wang shan again and again to the psychological consultation ShiJinJian red telling her innocence and her husband’s “LangXinGouFei”. JinJianGong etc to give vent to her after some tentatively ask: “you look is still very young, beautiful, you can find another you think the ideal husband, why must seize the ‘MeiXinMeiFei’ man doesn’t put?”

“I won’t let his plot to succeed.” “If you are not willing to divorce, that you choose to fight and fight can not solve the problem.” JinJianGong channel way. “I did not want and start a quarrel, but he doesn’t want to and the smelly women cut off connections, I quarrel with him many times, but he always to the smelly woman there, really shameless, I really was so angry with him.” Korth is a open to scold her own husband.

“That you want to continue to fight with him down? Or want to solve the problem?” JinJianGong tempted to ask. Wang shan sighed tone: “of course I want to solve the problem is. But don’t know what to do?”

In order to objective and comprehensive understanding of korth and her husband of conflict between the truth, JinJianGong about good husband called korth together consultation.

Her husband said

The husband is actually a HePing korth amiable, kindness, humility and understanding person. HePing very frankly tell JinJianGong, his search for an affair reason not because lewd, but to find a quiet women together, through so a quiet time.

HePingShui: “I need is a quiet life now. I like her, very gentle and quiet, talk of tone very soft, never hurt, also won’t let you upset. I found that I really need is this kind of woman.” HePingShui these words, full of deep feeling, proved to be his life to this kind of yearning and the like about this woman.

Engaged in the experience of the marriage counseling tell JinJianGong, the party is having an affair happened are heterosexual, often be with its spouse in appearance, XiHao, the personality is different. She guessed that korth is probably the more nagging woman. “So you want to leave your wife is the main reason of the???????” JinJianGong asked. HePing straight from the shoulder and said, “oh, this woman ah, how said she? She’s really good feeling before, she also paid a lot for me. And now, her selfish, like I can bear, strengthened themselves is can’t stand her a day to night endless nagging. I’ll pick the school children, she accused late I’m not the family sense of responsibility, if children out of the accident to do, say again and again. I accidentally put his clothes dirty, and her rattle on two hours. She is not nag this, is that, for ever and ever nagging endless nagging at home. Even I often said her son, ‘mom, you know how much you bother? One thing endless nagging.” but she? You more say her more come to her. So, right now, I be afraid, afraid to see her home.” However, talk, HePing or reveal of the same family want to stay. (the alias of people)

The mind of the woman have to carefully thinking

Citizens Mr. Lee: I feel my wife to good, buy her this buy that, try to meet all her request, but his wife was not satisfied, always complain, and said I not enough love her, I really don’t know what to do? The mind of the women it’s really difficult to ponder oh, what should I do?

JinJianGong answer: in fact many men have such the same way. The mind of the woman is really elusive? Not so, generally speaking, the woman is more sensible, their demand is generally emotional needs more than material needs. You to buy his wife this buy that, also just satisfy she material needs, you don’t know that she really needs, woman longs to be worried about, is the feeling of care, more of the time she needs you give her mental and spiritual communication, let her feel really understood is respected, and you may just ignore her in this feeling, demand, trying to use material things to meet her, and how to do her are not satisfied. So, you can try to make improvement in this area.

In addition, as a woman and his wife, although there may be feelings and all the heart of injustice, should learn to try to release and expressed before her husband, don’t be too depressive, more don’t take it for granted that their heart idea “don’t say he should also understand”, rather than letting her husband to guess, than choice a proper way you feel say it, or who don’t know your heart ah.

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