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My boyfriend to pick light only appreciate after love does not love

A bottle of green tea,male enhancement pills pale green liquid, Top male enhancement reviews fall in paper cups, fluttering was shaking, as if to pick up a green world, it is to hope, is spring scenery, best male enhancement reviews is filled with joy. When I came down from the bus, the last drop the green tea is I swallowed, satisfied with a landmark small dimple.
And zhang Lin apart a year and a half to meet that afternoon, he is paper workshop, and dressed in blue overalls, with white thread woven gloves, top, a head of hair is a mess, yellow helmets were put on one side of the ragged, in the paper it with one hand screwdriver in one hand and a butter. Far looked at him, big cold winter, he was cleansed of hot sweat dripping cleansed.
I walk over and put his hand over the loudspeaker into shape, and said unto him, zhang Lin, someone is looking for.
No response, most propbably is not hear, because production workshop machine operation sound too bad a mess, if not very loudly, each other can’t hear it is very normal. Next to an aunt said to me, you are?
I slightly nodded, I was his girlfriend.
Is this time, he was get out from under the machine, the noodles have no facial expression of looking at me, do not nonsense, and she is my neighbour’s big ya.
This CiRang I feel very embarrassed said, not immediately get angry, can only be embarrassed smile, or I go to factory gate waiting for you…… I thought he saw I’ll surprise, but from his face I know, my appearance seems to in his surprise.
He nodded, when I got out of the workshop, because indignation, so angry, it is angry, and let me think times son lose face, blush with shame, burning hot, can’t tell is sweat or tears, a full face of freely.
Yes, I’m mean, I like zhang Lin, I’m H town, and my mother is a middle school teacher, father is the pits cadre, I after graduate from college this going to rise the undergraduate course to continue their study, but for him, I intentionally to rise this exam only in the mess, the result by the that afternoon, I abnormal happy, because I finally and he is in the same level.
Because he is a difference, he said, the only difference is the same to match each other.
At this time, he went into a paper mill, became a ordinary workers, mobile phone number changed, I traveled a lot of friends to get his new number, but every night I always quietly pressed the string of number, he heard the noise, and immediately hang up. I don’t have to speak to him, as long as know his contact also connected is secure. I start qq ZhongTian stealth, see his online, I would think, what he is doing now? And who in chat? Or in the game play? In the music web site to listen to music? Still writing blog? …… These thoughts are like the summer air conditioning wind, I would put the cold woke, and then a cold, a shield.
For the sake of the beloved person can a serious illness, also is kind of blessing, who say is not? !
He signed the qq is “the son, the fish knows fish music” this shows that he now had a very good, isn’t it? “I’m dead tired, waist ache desperately” which means he now is very hard, and no, I want to fly to his side immediately; “I think I’m in love, love is very good” it shows that if he thought I, because I know he would not easily love others.
I have been very silly, because it was too obsessed with love, so that people love and related dynamic all imagine and jollity.
Because he is a child, love is a very difficult thing, and what’s more, also won’t love, won’t be loving.
His love is silent, need you back to the same of silence to deal with, you together, silent watch day, silent look, the ant piles, quietly handling lovers cast loaf slag, silent walk over and over again, down the road, has been gradually to street lamp lights up, and then, hugging, pull to begin, lovely, I send you to go home now.
Love, don’t need words, do not need a banner in the city street propaganda, do not need to you in the square holding the 999 rose to kneel down her courtship, don’t need you to use helicopters air courtship, don’t need you to place a one thousand only of the appearance of red heart…… True love is a movement, the street, he shouted out a commotion and mandatory pull you back, don’t want to live, isn’t it? This is love.
He is so of, so, I love him, love his not make public, but not mean, not exaggerated, but not vain, not false, but very real.
He after work, the face plate, you go…
I don’t go, don’t go away, to leave here where I can shout, loved ones in there, where is home, that city will suddenly lovely up. Didn’t you love, the cities are cold, is of frostbite.
Around him from behind, and he broke my hand, you don’t stubborn? We won’t have the result.
Who says that love is must have the results, we all love is the slaves, as long as there is love, enjoy a day is a day, regardless of the consequences.
He finally accepted me, I walked into his rented cabin, messy sheet, by the side of the pedal over his land; The tide of bedding, a touch of stale; Water machine have empty, I give him to replace; Cooking oil didn’t, rice also grow long hair buds, sending out a bad smell socks pants… Everything is a not a woman to a man, I was glad I am he still cannot leave a woman, I want to make it look brand-new, let him know that I value, so he will more love me.
Sure enough, the evening he came back slightly a little bit better attitude, he will smile at me.
The next night, he said, let’s let to shop, he bought me a bowl of ice porridge, and a string of beads.
The fourth night, I at his bed bottom filled with dust box took out a few this wrinkled skin of the books and several fuzzy video, I dry, my blush with shame…
The fifth night, his early work, we in the outside the restaurant, way back, he got into an adult shop, then eerie smile, I was deeply implanted under his head.
End is lonely long man, he almost abnormal condition like crazy, I tore off the zip, CiLa at heart of let me not a surprised, across the bra, without the rules a kiss, desire as if water is wet sponge, a little squeezed, be broke out. But, this is not the direction of the development towards I think, he moves more and more slow, more and more slow, and then staring at me, see my heart faint some uneasy.

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