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Mom wife off the river together to save the young wife is wrong

Three fishermen fall together in the river
22 July, male enhancement pills great heat, the hot weather.
At about 6 in the afternoon, the sun was less toxic, Best male enhancement reviews male enhancement pills reviews FeiDongXian pinch ZhenZhen shop in the village of Geng fair by the river port named gao and his wife XiaoQing (middle name), go to the edge of the village store port river fish let down the nets. “XiaoQing haven’t played fish, she want to go with me to see, feel fresh.” Named gao 28, he has been and XiaoQing before work in zhejiang province, is named gao water electrician, XiaoQing is painter, two people are in the process of working together, in 2008 FeiDong get married.
When parents named gao to the river the slack in fishing net, in the home have two small fishing boat. Named gao many years have no dozen over the fish, parents in the river of nets he does not know where, named gao’s mother puts forward to sun, with little both the husband and wife go to see the river.
In the evening when 6 10 points or so, three people went to the river, sit on a small fishing boat, named gao toward the river off. The mother ship named gao in sun mou suffers a corner of the net. “XiaoQing curious, go to the stern went to see my mother let down the nets, the results to the tilt happens…….” Dangerous at this time occurs, named gao memories and XiaoQing aft stood firm, scared to shouted, the body to the river side down go to, and the mother of the named gao to sun came up and took XiaoQing, one side of the pole named gao also nasty, want to come over to pull two people. The boat suddenly imbalances, three and you fall overboard.
Son save first wife again save mom
To save first wife again named gao save old mama, some villagers also think so, but they also could not say why not. Fair village committee a cadre stems, said everyone mentioned it, some people will laugh, really bad to do, “to save the old mama right, old mama born well, but you keep your wife again to life a lifetime”.

The village cadres also said the father LaoGuo is very capable named gao, all the decisions taken at home is, initially, he did some not satisfied, but soon not angry, “a filial son named gao, this is enough, to save the who is by”.

Hefei a media 25 reported the matter, but let named gao suffered from above reproach. Facing the fierce online comments, named gao is very angry. “Actually, I was to save who, really not think too much, all is the instinctive reaction from me, who recently I will save. The wife who from me, slightly closer I could swim in the past to save her, settle good wife after, found his mother in the water, it is very dangerous to save a mom”.

Have net friend also think that hold named gao after mom, mom has been dying, he didn’t have his hands full save mom, but a hand in a boat, a hand holds the mother to swim to the shore, “at the moment, the wife has very safe, no relief.” To this, named gao answered and said, and took the ship, and not in order to save the wife, but because he was also had no strength to swim to the shore, apply to the buoyancy of the ship, swam to shore.

Named gao said, he also heard that let a man headache “examination questions”, never fall in love when they think, affirmation is to save the mother. Now face the blame, he will seriously memories save process, or think oneself is the most reasonable arrangement of the save, “to save the recent.”
Doctor: late again two minutes dangerous
See mother syncope, named gao hurried back home behind mom, and haven’t had time to change clothes, sit the neighbor’s car will mother to send to the FeiDongXian people’s hospital. The wife of named gao XiaoQing at home after the change, that evening came to the hospital to take care of her mother-in-law.
Yesterday, reporters in FeiDongXian people’s hospital met named gao family, son and daughter-in-law is sitting in front of bed. According to introducing, 52 years old this year sun mou suffers, “her blood pressure is always high, and had done before the gallbladder surgery, the body has not been good, so off the water are scared, and of course is sick.” Named gao’s father said. LaoGuo told reporters, usually, children are not at home is his fishing, sometimes the child mother will accompany him together let down the nets, “ships to sit tight, which meeting fell into the river…. Young people are not experience, the results by boat things happen.
The doctor told reporters, patients with high blood pressure, fall into water and frightened, just start a little coma, came to the hospital after vomiting, dizziness, “but to hang up the water, the current and is not serious, also can rest home…….” However, the doctor also told reporters that probably only a drowning man in less than ten minutes safety relief time, if the precious time, life is very dangerous. “From the patient’s condition to see, should be more water choke frightened. If a two minutes later, again is very dangerous.”
Mother not angry, dad’s discontent
In the hospital, LaoGuo some blame child: “fishermen have what good-looking of, the life is a close call for fun!!! A fresh young figure, also regardless of your mother safety.”
In LaoGuo inquire the before and after things, to save first son also unhappy daughter-in-law, “his mother will have no spirit, he is dragged the ship, and they were afraid to danger, daughter-in-law pulled the daughter-in-law hold of the boat, and a dangerous?! This time of course should save first his mama, and his mother go again will ship security pull up.” However, this LaoGuo and not in the face of the daughter-in-law son said. In the hospital ward, LaoGuo keep at wife’s side, and always board face, son, daughter-in-law, also dare not speak with him more.
The mother of the named gao after waking up sun mou suffers, but not blame son: “if it weren’t for son, I this regardless of is thrown into the river, now hang water, and the body more comfortable.” Sun told reporters, her memory only stay in son swam across to save her, “then how on shore, how to arrive at the hospital, do not remember!”

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