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Men how to kiss the private parts of women

men do not think that kiss the perineum is the woman a bed, you rushed to kiss her clitoris, do not be such a wolf, you know the woman’s physical reaction is very slow, and give them a period of time to adapt clitoris is absolutely sensitive, and began to go to stimulate it, the impact will be bad.
I personally feel that the order should be like this: first around her, told her the situation, then a few, such as “Hello beautiful, you are very sexy” and the like, let her feel psychologically comfortable to relax, and then began to kiss her lips, Erzhu, ear, neck, breasts, lower abdomen, waist, pay attention to the longer time to stay in the breast position, because the female breast is a very important sensitive areas to male enhancement

Men how to kiss a woman private parts
The women should be covered with a little numb feeling, you start getting close to her genitals. Start with her thigh pro, gently separate the legs of women, usually when women are shy, because they will feel to expose their genitals in front of you, how many are a bit
“Resisting”, separated from each other’s legs do not rush too hard to be gently, little by little to separate.
Swipe with his tongue tap her thighs, from the next since the licking from the outside of her labia – along thigh to her hip site (lower abdomen, left side), nearly ten times The women will feel very itchy hemp, the site will have the feeling of soreness near the vaginal opening. Tongue swipe all the way down the thigh with knee under the foot of Three Mile location, Zusanli women is a sensitive point, if the other side of the skin is more tender part of your back and forth a few more pro, if the other side of the skin is poor, pro- like with the feeling of the tongue matte paper, forget it, back pro, hehe.best male enhancement pills
Back went to the thigh, and then repeat the above teaching action. This trick in the military called “assists” as “the enemy, opponent,” women in the bed should look at first dispersed to the attention of the “enemy” to take the initiative to mobilize the feeling of “enemy” followed by your tongue go, her body any mountain (breast), hills (lower abdomen), ravine (thigh), woods (mons pubis, pubic hair position) guerilla warfare, and slowly you will feel that women began to curl up move, the swing of the legs will be involuntary. groan, the more sensitive of the vagina near the mouth moist.
Assists finished (ten minutes), began to turn the mainbest natural male enhancement

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