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Men flower heart is a hopeless disease

The modern popular proverbs yue: ten men nine flower, male enhancement pills a not to spend the poor health. Words very humor, but in the second half of the sentence was not to, top male enhancement because the body of the poor man can flower heart, but the spirit is willing force and inadequate. Actually, it should be a man ten flower of that, all natural male enhancement even if the body sent into can’t move, but psychological always have passion, imagination.
Love hormone do addictive
Psychology think, many men like NiZhen like that make new sweetheart, also has its physiology.
Psychologist after the study found that the people, there are a special kind of person, namely to dopamine, leaves after oxytocin and love hormone “addictive”. Such, once the body, such as oxytocin after hormone level subsidise, will find new again won by the other stimuli, and enjoy hormone secretion of extremely high bring cheerful excited, this is what we say normally flower heart, XiXinYanJiu.
Byron’s tang huang, jin yong’s DuanZhengChun, thou dragon chu’s, as well as the “water” in the west door celebrate, their common characteristic is, for a woman to estrogen, also easy to let the woman dump, but chop and change, hold everywhere does not keep the mood. NiZhen may with them, is all to the love hormone “addiction”.
May is the gene to blame
Scientists study also found that has some kind of genetic variation, may in marriage encounter more trouble.
Study found that the human body AVPR1A genetically a called RS3 334 the number of pieces, and man actually be “crazy kind of” or “occasion han” relevant. A man might have two, a, or no RS3 334 pieces, and the greater the number of man, relationships and the sand. It is reported, AVPR1A gene is hormones “vasopressin” feel body genes encoding. The hormones and are called “hug chemicals” hormone, leaf oxytocin after about.

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