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Men and women have time a woman will climax know male human nature of time

Whether you believe it or not, male enhancement most Chinese men are Premature Ejaculation. Top male enhancement reviews Plus man three or four minutes or even a two minutes can reach climax and women into play time difference for 15 minutes to half an hour. So sharp price scissors to is the natural law. So, women more difficult to achieve orgasm.

There is a woman complaining husband, complain that the husband can’t make themselves satisfied. Each men are afraid of women to yourself complaining about sex of discontent. So don’t endless and he stressed that you need more time to have the pleasant sensation, this will make him think “slow” is to go you, is a kind of pay and sacrifice. In fact, “slow” to bring both sides of pleasure is the same, why not his spirit and to slow down. You can control the pace of the sex.

After you have sex in the rhythm, must understand a time-you must know the man of sex of time, this is more useful to allow you to reach orgasm. Have a look.

Each man nature of time

Human except this month by month and to sex outside fluctuations, the sexual desire in all there are periodic change, generally, in spring and autumn season two, the person’s sexual desire in a vigorous period. Not only is the four seasons, every day in the different time, the man “exotic” are also different.

1. The early morning: sex hormones higher levels, can exceed 20% at ordinary times, so many men tend to have a stronger in the early morning of sexual desire, especially in after sexual dreams in sex for very strong. Of a day when the most easy to make love the orgasm, but unfortunately, the morning of nervous time often let it passion too busy to express.

2.9:00: sex hormone levels dropped to 50% of normal. The desire of men in the day at its lowest ebb, about sex this happened temporarily behind the brain.

3.11:00: sex hormone level to rise, for sexual daydream restored to at least once per minute. While men into the day another small climax, often have an appointment at the impulse of female the companion. Therefore, many men choose in this time and partner for lunch, expression love.

4.14:00 ~ 16:00: this is like the people the most active sexual desire. When men still kept the exciting, to 16 or so, their sexual stress state hit the roof. At this time is the period of time of men is restless, often can no longer sitting at the computer betray strength, but more willing and female colleague accosted or seriously thinking of date night.

Medical think: this time is the best night except outside “made man time”, because this is a the most easily to pregnant moment.

5.18:00: sexual desire to restore to the resting state, then sexual appetite than were so strong. So, this is a period of enjoy cate, but not so to bed activities. But the German sexology home found that, if can then do some sports, such as jogging or swimming, can arouse sexual desire to play a positive role.

6.17 at 19 when between: this time it is people’s taste, smell and feel the most acute hearing etc the period of time, this time to enjoy cate of the great time. Not only that, in the 18 to 20 points between, the liver of the highest degree of alcohol tolerance, therefore, if one at this time, take to the liver damage alcohol relatively small. During this time, of course, is a good time to enjoy sex.

7. At four o ‘clock in the afternoon of women most likely to conceive, and newborn babies in the morning at about 4 is the highest birth rates. This time, the man began to enter into the state must sleep, desire index began to decline. Unfortunately, seems to be a woman’s hormonal come a little bit late, when many men still want to “to”, but often faint sleep, even with the lovers have “close contact”, also can be in the climax quickly put to sleep, because the brain of endocrine “dole Finn” make men feel sleepy. Of course, in the real life of the biological clock running sometimes happen aside.

Man of the time every day to sex, can help you clear goal, according to the better man of clocks your sexual rhythm, two people together to enjoy sex fun.

The man in the bed sometimes stupid, need women clear orders. Actually, let a man slowly is not difficult, try to use your gentleness impress him and led him, and the rhythm of the sex completely control by you.

No woman can each sex climax, this is god’s arrangement. Even in not reaching orgasm, you also enjoy the happiness of the sex.

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