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Married young woman to marry the two men took turns life son committed suicide

12 years old young parents of long-term clash, and by his father XiaoMou blame, male enhancement pills reviews at that time the think impassability committed suicide. Event handling process, the father of the child to the police and the mother of the child said work his way up, and their married for many years, natural male enhancement pills during which time and KaiYangXian a surname of metaphor and men to marry, birth a girl, has been in XiaoMou and work his way up back and forth between the two work his way up, ACTS as a two wives role, XiaoMou work his way up to the behavior objectionable, male enhancement pills conflict happens to both sides, both sides of the conflict seriously affected the growth of her son, and lead to son committed suicide.
And a woman to run away from home a home
The police after investigation has found that XiaoMou work his way up and in 1998 of being introduced married, after marriage in 1999 birth a son, and the two of them had over the life harmony. In 2002, the husband and wife two artificial increase income, so will the child XiaoMou in their parents’ home and raise, and the two of them out for work together, work in process, XiaoMou and work his way up for life happen often dispute over trifles, work his way up is often affected by her husband’s violence, make to work his way up XiaoMou feel happy with, and in June, 2007, a day of, in talking to work his way up with his fellows during the course of the show to XiaoMou complaints, the workers work his way up to the sympathy, and advised XiaoMou home for fun again, and XiaoMou decided to return to their hometown.

On the way back home, XiaoMou and talk to a man what sound. Man work his way up to leave XiaoMou, entrust man for his work his way up and introduce a suitable place for a man of his own brother metaphor for a family poverty, has never been married and then introduced to work his way up. Two people get off in guiyang, notified the metaphor a to guiyang, meeting a metaphor of the work his way up the name of the husband and wife soon to live together, and went down to the KaiYangXian metaphor in the same year a home run a married wine, in 1998, and the yu work his way up the birth of a girl.

Don’t want to give up her on both sides in the two home shuttled between

Leave XiaoMou work his way up, XiaoMou so it went around find work his way up, but found no more than average. In August, 2010, XiaoMou found work his way up, in XiaoMou and family under the counsel, and promised to work his way up and XiaoMou able, in 2011, the couple decided to a new home, in the building process, a home to return to work his way up secretly yu, lack of money for building a house, the house of a metaphor BuTieKuan agriculture and 10000 yuan to take it back to XiaoMou place, used in construction. Work his way up and XiaoMou life after period of time, and to work out a home to metaphor for a period of time, so the work his way up in two families back and forth between.

Husband and wife make antinomy son suicide first husband report to the police

Earlier this year, XiaoMou tracking work his way up, know to work his way up there is another family, so both sides further a contradiction, both sides is in every dispute over trifles, gradually the son of sensible parents quarrel is very bad feeling, by the end of march, and to work his way up to the house of a metaphor, XiaoMou and son at home life, XiaoMou heart very angry. April 4,, XiaoMou son was found adjacent to the test surface still play outside, so loudly scolded, and beat his son a box on the ear, the son that day think impassability, then commit suicide by hanging suicide.

After the event, XiaoMou thought it over thought of his son’s death because of his wife bigamy moves don’t want be this day and went to the people’s court, with no evidence, the court told XiaoMou to the police investigation, May 15,, the XiaoMou to inform the police.

On May 19, the police after investigation, the criminal suspect that work his way up (female, 33) allegedly commit bigamy offense, and work his way up to implement a criminal detention.

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