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Marriage more and can not afford to nag

Husband happened after having an affair to me, male enhancement she entered my problem is crying, she put her husband JiangFuQing (a pseudonym) scold nothing– “he too without conscience, he even chen2 shi4 mei3, than chen2 shi4 mei3 nothing in the world is he more bad more no heart man.”

“I for his career success is too much to pay,best male enhancement reviews he originally is a rural poor boy,natural male enhancement pills is my father get him to come to guangzhou and together they a factory. We give him too much home much help, now he made sesame big small achievement QiaoWeiBa, forgot the affection between us, in love with another woman. He also want to and I divorce, is not so easy! He doesn’t make me happy, I can’t let him feel!”

WuLingLing telling over and over again, “her innocent” and her husband’s “LangXinGouFei”, motivation only a: declared his innocence, wrong are in outside parties, and then in the next war of my marriage in position, the 56-point thrashing, continue to fight.

Like WuLingLing the same women in consultation and treatment I has encountered too much too much. These women the greatest characteristic is too “narcissistic”, they many times can stand on their own standpoint to look at the question, and not for others want to; They only hold the hand of the self value measure, and will be used to in any one thing consciously or unconsciously use this scale, forced others fan this scale. They often in the unconscious in the world to others with hostility.

He is looking for an affair reason not because lewd but want to find a quiet woman

“Ms wu, you are so young and so beautiful, you can get a more ideal husband, why must seize ‘than chen2 shi4 mei3 also chen2 shi4 mei3″ a man?” I want to have a look WuLingLing reaction.

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“I won’t let his caught, he is want to and I divorce, no way! He took me up to this age, and who will come to love me? I won’t and he divorced, he also don’t want to and the woman get married!” WuLingLing spirit keep pant, very anxious to a husband to belly to swallow.

“If you are not willing to divorce, then you shall take constructive ways to deal with the problems in your marriage, and your personal spiritual pains. You can’t choose the fight and fight to solve your problem, now.” I want from her reaction looking for more clues to help her.

“No, you’re right, I will not quarrel with him, but he would not cut off connections and the woman, and now he is often went to her there, I will drill gas so angry!” WuLingLing a full face of anger, not a bit to find their own reason mean.

In order to objective and comprehensive understanding WuLingLing and her husband conflict between the truth, I decided to see WuLingLing husband JiangFuQing.

See JiangFuQing after, I soon discovered that the JiangFuQing is an easy-going, kindness, humility and understanding person. JiangFuQing to tell me that he was having an affair, and his search for an affair reason not because lewd, not of emotional greed, but to find a quiet woman and she spent together so a quiet time.

“Have you never had sex?” I asked JiangFuQing, because I want to know more.

“Happened. It’s a natural thing, I don’t think that’s important. I need most is she can give my life make a kind of halcyon. You know this quiet to me how important, how rare! She is very gentle and quiet, not love to talk, her tone very soft, never hurt, also won’t bother you. I found that I really need is this kind of woman.” JiangFuQing said these words full of deep feeling obvious.

Women’s nagging to man the damage caused by some in the ancient times has been known to thinkers

Marriage problems in research of scholars often put an affair behavior as a marriage of its problems a exposure, or the affair in an attempt to use the an affair to get some psychological behavior of compensation. I’m in the marriage counseling and treatment of marriage experience that happened a party’s fascination with an affair of the opposite sex, often with her spouse is in appearance, XiHao, the personality is completely different members of the opposite sex. According to this experience, I guess WuLingLing may be a very like a nagging woman, because JiangFuQing are looking for lover is a gentle and quiet and introverted woman, what’s more, he to “she” gentle and quiet good.

“You want to leave your wife is the main reason of the???????” I want to prove his suspicions.

“Alas, this woman-how to say that her? Say she was coated in weakness: selfish, like try to be brave, just haven’t into different opinion. These I can endure, I can stand is her the day of endless nag. Oh, how she loved to nag, isn’t the brain sick? She meet what things have nag.”

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