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Marriage, life difficult

Not for himself later derailed excuse and divorce, my marriage don’t really happy.

The first or the sweet love. male enhancement pills In 2003, through the relatives introduced, Best natural male enhancement I understand the ratio I big 4 yuan industry. Then he especially hurt me, everyday after work,male enhancement pills reviews he will be to our unit early meet me at the door, although the two are very far apart, a in the south, one in the north, but he insisted on going with me to go home after the house, and the way the also kept telling jokes make me happy.

Yuan industry person is very real sincere, but is irritable and easy to get angry. When one is in love he also endure, we also no big conflict, but a married is true colours. The hard to avoid between husband and wife staggered, every time noisy over the mouth, whether rightly or wrongly, yuan industry never active apologize to me, more won’t say some sweet words coax. Noise is fierce, he began to call names, words are particularly hard.

Remember the time we had a big quarrel frame, specific what matter I don’t remember, but it’s not quite, but he start fire to attitude seems to me what big LouZi tong, not only scold my pig brain, but of the home at a small cylinder to fell off, looking at a ground broken glass, and on the earth, dying and flopped about fish, my heart was broken.

Then I moved the idea of divorce, but concerns daughter is small, just 2 years old, I have to endure. Later, I got laid off, don’t want to do a free people at home, I looked for an appearance room made in the garment business. Next door is a China shop, the owner called WeiWei. At first I and WeiWei get along well, often help each other.

It is pretty good, and then I feel something strange. Originally yuan industry is not like to come to my store, sometimes I’m too busy to let him help you look at the store, he TuiSanZuSi, can suddenly there was a time I found yuan industry to store ran the specialist, don’t come over later, in their store of time but not for long, always love to run next door. And WeiWei seems to have special love “trouble” yuan possession, that arouse my husband to a little does not take polite of, for a while that yuan industry to move a goods for a while, and that he take a thing. More can spirit of be, yuan each received similar industry “mission”, fart dian fart to get busy living, like please WeiWei.

Yuan WeiWei industry and the abnormal let my in the mind be very uncomfortable, but I tried to suppress, don’t be so sensitive to our, petty, but two people but more and more excessive, sometimes in front of my face is dozen the feeling scold qiao, female dia dia, male of sexy, completely not put my wife on the card-carrying eyes. For this reason I and yuan industry many times noisy over, he said I get fresh, I said he possessed by the. Still the same, as long as a quarrel, yuan industry will not be outspoken mouth to scold me.

Time for a long time, I and yuan between industry become more and more difficult to get along with, like a small ShiZiGe in marriage this pair of shoes, will our feelings grind is so painful that has struggled.

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