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Marriage is a wise deal

“You say, for instance, I go home a little late little, she will constantly nagging and accuse me, male enhancement saying I’m not family responsibility; again for instance, best male enhancement reviews if I put the shirt or trousers accidentally dirty, she rattle on two hours. You say, she is not nag, is that this nagging, endless in home, who stand nagging! My daughter a home use group will plug ear, she said her mother is cicada……”

My empirical guess is confirmed. male enhancement reviews JiangFuQing looking for an affair is mainly by his wife’s nagging away.

Very early has the psychologist pointed out: nag are women generally have not complying with rational of the individual personality of a kind of expression, best male enhancement pills but men not know about human nature of psychologists, also not forgive all the father, so, men hard to bear the woman a nagging, nagging may well become a they leave in the emotion factors. Many like nagging woman and not really aware of its nagging beside the person’s damage: his wife’s nagging can lead not only to a husband biggest objectionable, and grew up in a nagging mother home boy, it’s easy to become weak, lack of personality.

About women to men the spirit of nagging caused confusion and some damage not only be found by modern psychology and attention, and in ancient times had been known to thinkers. Modern psychologists think that, in the main function of wife marriage is to maintain the order in marriage and atmosphere; And in the ancient jews view, keep quiet, peaceful atmosphere is great women first must do, the jewish Babylon code of character interpretation the cosby figure bart “article will be able to build halcyon, as is the wife of the first virtuous, and the nagging as women’s one evil DE–like fornication.

Recently, the editor of a middle school age of male students would like to and his wife divorced, in a phone call, I asked him how so quick can’t stand the bondage of marriage? Last year the marriage to now, just a whole year. He said not so, is he can’t stand the nagging wife, and before marriage and have not found her so nagging.

Is it really so terrible nagging woman? Can even enough to ruin their marriage? I’m calling to have been and I cooperation of psychological consultant and verification. He said coincidence, he has just finished a because his wife nagging, husband of extramarital love for case, he once before, meet a lot of this case, consulting experience tell him: sometimes, a man can tolerate women’s infidelity, but can’t tolerate women’s nagging. Let a good husband and a like nagging wife is very good to live together, climbed up the dunes than man is more difficult.

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